Training seems intimidating – the motivation to begin can be daunting.

But with a little preparation and planning, you’ll find that it’s easy to stick with your routine, even if you are on vacation, engrossed in an online slots session like All Slots Casino, or busy with work.

Train for the terrain, meaning if you’re training for a hilly ride, be sure to include hills in your training rides.

Write it down. Keep a training diary, log on your phone or use a spreadsheet. Include how the ride made you feel, how far you went and what you ate before the ride. Add in any other details that may help you plan for future rides.

Adjust. As you settle into longer distances, make adjustments. How’s the saddle, your padding in the shorts, shoe angle etc.? Find the comfort now so you can make the most of the ride you’re training for.

Take time to recover. Your muscles need time to rest and re-build. Anything you do on a recovery day should be light duty and under an hour. These rest weeks can do wonders for the body and mind.

Realistically assess.Sure, you want to push yourself. But you also want to be realistic. If you are continually setting lofty goals that you can’t meet, you will feel discouraged. Beating yourself up is not the right approach. It does not make you stronger or more eager to conquer your feats, though it’s tempting to go that route because it is how our society operates. Instead, check out your progress and goals, and set goals that you know will be JUST beyond your previous success. Push yourself a little harder. On days when you know you’re feeling under the weather or sore, go a little easier on yourself

This last point is so important because it’s about a LONG TERM approach. Ride day to day, but plan for the future. Over time is when you will see results and track success.

But when it really comes down to it, just getting out there and riding TODAY can make a huge difference, no matter the distance.

There are many ways to approach your training. Some are better than others, and really it comes down to personal preference and finding something that works for you, personally. But when it comes down to the format, these few key points will help you make the most of your time on the bike, so you can spend more time getting back to the rest of your day, perhaps that All Slots Casino session.


  1. phil bowman on March 1, 2017 at 10:16 am

    Has anyone done the charity ride in LaGrande? I am thinking about it and seems like the location would be peaceful

    • Ayleen Crotty on March 2, 2017 at 2:11 pm

      Are you organizing a ride for the sake of a ride, or because you work with a non-profit that you’re fundraising for? Fundraising rides are most successful when they have a fundraising program solidly in pace that makes it fun and easy to fundraiser in addition to riding.

      It’s very expensive to organize a ride and they typically don’t make money until year three. Why not simply organize a great ride and leave the fundraising aspect to fundraisers, or add that in once your ride is financially solid? If you want to invest in the success of a ride, plan for three years, amazing routes, all the proper safety measures, insurance and strong event management. That’s a recipe for success!

      LaGrande would be a lovely place to ride. The main drawback is getting people to travel to the start line, but with all other regions near metro areas filling up with rides, you’re smart to plan yours in a different (and gorgeous) region.

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