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ORbike is a newsletter and website that promotes cycling in Oregon. Since 2005, ORbike has been the state’s most popular resource to learn about bike events. ORbike is produced by people who love to ride bikes, ride daily, attend events and want to get more people on bikes.

Our newsletter highlights some of the most exciting upcoming events. The newsletter, which goes out to 50,000 cyclists, is published once a month in the winter and twice a month the rest of the year.

We help cyclists find rides and event organizers find cyclists.


We’ll help you find your next ride. Search our calendar by date, or by style of ride. If you’re new to cycling, check out out tips and resources section. Experienced cyclists, real people who ride on the road every day in all weather conditions for short and long distances share their knowledge to help you feel more comfortable on your bike.


Are you an event organizer? We offer great services to help you get the word out about your event. See the ORbike Services page for more information on all the helpful ways we can ensure you have a successful event.

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