Beginner Maintenance Classes

Isn’t it about time to give your bike some winter love? Wintertime is the perfect time to take a class and learn a new skill. Cozy up inside the warm clinic space and get to know your bike a little better, in an all new way.

ORbike’s Resident Mechanic Tori Bortman has a few openings in her Beginner Maintenance Class that starts Wednesday, December 3, and runs from 6-10pm. Tori specializes in expert instruction in a small class setting where you have the opportunity to truly learn the material in an immersive way.

If you can’t make it this session but still want to take the class, the next series beginning on December 13th also has openings.


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15 Responses to “Beginner Maintenance Classes”
  1. james wilson says:

    I’ve heard these classes are great!

    • Tori Bortman says:

      I like to think so, but I’m partial. At Gracie’s Wrench I work hard to make the classes as student-focused, individualized and fun as possible. I don’t just want you to learn, I want you to be empowered!

  2. GeoffRide says:

    This might be the winter for me to finally up and do it. We’ll see!

  3. Scott Gray says:

    Will there be classes on bike maintenance offered on the weekends?

  4. Tori Bortman says:

    I’ll be adding the January-Feb-March schedule this week. If you don’t see classes you want to take in December, the rest of the winter will be posted soon.

  5. Meredith Concepcion says:

    I am new to my bike and cycling. I want to learn all I can so I will be safe on the road. looking forward to the class on Dec 13th.
    Thank you,

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