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Blazers Bike Night


EDITOR’S NOTE: We’re extremely excited for Bike Portland’s Blazers Bike Night – a thrilling marrying of two of Portland’s favorite activities. We planned to tell you all about it, then realized Bike Portland had already done a very good job on their website, so here’s the summary.

Since the first Bike to Blazers we organized back in 2006, our goal has been to showcase cycling for the Trail Blazers organization, the team, and their many fans. We’ve made solid strides toward that goal, but we’re still hoping to make the biking/Blazers connection much stronger.

I’m happy to say that this year, the Blazers reached out to us early wanting to re-energize the Bike Night event and make it bigger and better than ever. As many of you know, I happen to think biking and the Blazers go great together, so I eagerly accepted.

Let it be known that Sunday, November 2nd is Blazers Bike Night at the Moda Center!

The team is taking on the Golden State Warriors, one of the best teams in the Western Conference. But watching the game is just the icing on the cake. We’ll get a huge group of riders together before the game, then ride as a big group over to the Moda Center campus where we’ll have fun and spread the Blazers Bike Night spirit before the game starts.

See the website for a special discount and to get tickets in the Blazers Bike Night block of seats.


Buy your tickets before Monday, October 6 to ensure you’re ticketed for the special Bike Portland block of seats.


PHOTO CREDIT: Bike Portland

Grand Prix Ryan Tebon Finale


Looking to race cyclocross at some point in your life? The Grand Prix Ryan Trebon series is a welcoming, relaxed opportunity to test your wheels on the mud, but this weekend is the last race in the series.

You can read all about the series here >>

Head out to Heiser Farms in Dayton for a day at the races. The weather may be in the 80s and slightly overcast but not raining. Let’s hope that prediction holds, though a little rain the day before the day before to muddy the course wouldn’t be a bad addition.

Race even just once and you’ll earn the right to attend the series award party the next day at Portland Bicycle Studio.


Take a Kid Mt. Biking Day


(adapted from the International Mt. Bike Association website)

Every fall, on the first Saturday of October, the International Mt. Bike Association organizes hundreds of mountain bike events designed to get young people outside on their bikes. Known as “Take a Kid Mountain Biking Day,” the celebration is recognized across the globe. The organization has seen events registered in Australia, Canada, Italy, Botswana, Malaysia, Mexico and South Africa.

Here are 10 tips to help plan a great event:

1. Find some kids

2. Plan for bikes and helmets

  • Bring your own bike/helmet is the most common plan
  • If you’d like to invite kids that might not have their own gear, try contacting local bike shops about rental options —give them plenty of lead time

3. Select a route

  • Be sure to choose a ride that is fun, safe and not too long or difficult.
  • The ideal route will have options where the group can head home or continue for more adventure.

4. Be prepared

  • Bring extra water and food, including a healthy tasty treat for every kid
  • Don’t forget other essentials such as extra tubes, pump, tire levers and a multi-tool
  • Recruit plenty of adult ride guides, and make sure someone is assigned to stay behind the last young rider.
  • Plan a fun activity for the end of the day. Something low-stress and relaxing, like a visit to an ice cream shop.
  • Mt. biking can be a lot of work for kids. Keep your day simple and don’t try to pack in too much. Try not to double up on activities (soccer, play date, mt. biking…) and keep your route short. It’s better to have a simple, fun day that goes smoothly than to push it too much, especially if it’s your first day on the trail with the little ones.

5. Ride together

  • Emphasize riding together. Re-group frequently and make sure everyone is smiling
  • Ask the lead adult guide to stop at every trail intersection to minimize the chance of lost riders

6. Have fun

  • Try incorporating skill games, like “slow-motion riding” and “how to bunny hop”
  • Point out interesting trail features, wildlife or take a few minutes to discuss trail safety and etiquette

7. Take photos and video

  • Share stories and photos about your day with parents, community leaders, local press and IMBA.
  • Post your photos on IMBA’s Facebook page.

8. Make it a tradition

  • Make every day a Take-a-Kid day and plan for the first Saturday in October next year to celebrate how biking with kids can be fun.

Oregon Activities

Plan to hit the trail with your favorite kiddos on your own adventure, or join in on one of these planned events:

10/4 Cascade Locks with Northwest Trail Alliance [more info]
10/5 Okaridge with the Greater Oakridge Area Trail Stewards [more info]

Do you mt. bike with kids?

Do you take your kids on dirt? What are your tips for making the day fun for all ages?

The Final Sunday Parkways of 2014


Summer 2014 has come to a close. We don’t care about the date on the calendar, this how we know: It has has been raining for more than five hours straight and the final Portland Sunday Parkways of the summer is this weekend.

No matter what kind of biking you enjoy, there is no denying that Sunday Parkways is just about the most joy-filled event on the planet. Spending the day on the traffic-free streets of Portland filled with wild antics, costumes, hula hooping, hoards of volunteers, Zumba, food and music will certainly renew your faith in humanity (so long as you can forgive the new riders and little tykes who literally cross your path).

We’ve been at every single Sunday Parkways this summer, and here are a few of our favorite photos to get you excited for this Sunday’s event in SW Portland.

Photo Album

Click photos for a larger view

What do you love?

What do you love about Portland Sunday Parkways? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

We’ll see you on Sunday!

Trying Out Cyclocross


Every wonder what it’s like to race cyclocross for the first time?

For some people, it comes naturally. They’re the ones who have always been daredevils, like jumping off stuff, race their fellow commuters on the ride home and are generally inclined to have mad bike handling skills.

But for others, those of us confident on our bikes but who have no frame of reference for the type of fast racing in mud (and…) that comes with cyclocorss, it can seem rather daunting to hop onto the racecourse for the first time.

That’s why we’re loving the series of articles is running from Rebecca Hamilton, a strong city rider who is trying her hand at cyclocross fir the first time this season, and baring her soul to the internet along the way.

Installment 1 >>
Installment 2 >>

What are your racing tips?

Have you newly gotten into cyclocorss? What are you tips for beginners?

Handmade Bike and Beer Fest


Get an up close and personal look at some of the region’s most finely crafted steeds, while sipping equally exquisite local craft beer.

The Handmade Bike and Beer Festival is a mash-up of two of Portland’s favorite fall events: Hopworks’ Biketobeerfest and the Oregon Handmade Bicycle Show hosted by the Oregon Bicycle Constructor’s Association.

The weekend features custom frame builders showing handmade bicycles, local brewers pouring hand-crafted beers, live music from area artists and activities for all ages.


  • 30 custom bike builders and vendors who follow the long tradition of crafting beautiful bikes by hand.
  • A wide range of bikes – from road bikes to custom cargo bikes.
  • Get an up-close look at these lovingly crafted steeds, meet the masters and ask questions.

Beers and Bands

Hopworks is serving a robust selection of their handcrafted beer alongside many of the other regional breweries including Deschutes, Grain Station, Ex Novo and Widmer Brothers plus cider from Cider Riot! and Reverend Nat’s.

Dance to the tunes of legendary ska band The Israelites. The stage lineup also includes fun Pacific Northwest bands There Is No Mountain, Bear Water Band and Shake Up Bluegrass (previously Left Coast Country) – perfect festival music.

Photo Gallery

A glimpse at antics from years past and what you can expect to enjoy at this year’s event.

Event Basics

Bikes, Bands and Beers on Saturday 10-9pm
Bikes, Beers on Sunday 12-5pm

Full schedule >>

September 27 and 28

Hopworks Urban Brewery, 2944 SE Powell

Buy tickets online or at the door
$10 – basic entry
$25 – Entry, pint glass, beer and food tokens
$40 – Premium package includes all the above and a shirt

More info >>

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