Reasons Why Mountain Biking Is Tougher Than You Think

Mountain biking is one of the most popular and best ways of exercising. At the same time, you will be getting in touch with nature. But you need to keep in mind that there is a large set of muscles that are worked during a bike ride that takes place on rocky terrain along a hill.

However, it is not smooth-sailing, the attempts in which mountain bike ride takes are massive therefore, you need to be prepared for anything that comes your way as well as fatigue.

On that note, let’s take a look at why mountain biking is not a piece of cake. And if you feel like the practice is too difficult for you, you can just sit back and play online casino games for free or for real money at your favourite best online casinos in usa.


We are all very much aware that biking off-road comes with its share of bumps and potholes. Whilst cycling on a well-paved road is just a piece of cake. Riding your bike on a very upward slope while fending off rocks and gravel is actually a completely different prospect. This simply means that you will have to ride on mud. And it can be extremely tricky as braking at the wrong time.


Since mountain biking is not a walk in the park. It simply means that shifting gears on a paved road and off-road is actually a different ball game. The most important thing to do for a rider is to have great anticipation of when and where you should change your gear. In the event that you no longer continue pedalling in your current gear, maybe because it is too tough to keep going that simply means a shift in gear is needed. We all know that gears are expensive, unless you scooped a jackpot at crazy vegas casino en ligne for your gear. And keep in mind that if the gears are not changed at the right moment, you are bound to experience an exhaustive ride. In case you fall you need to have the ability to pick yourself up.

Best Cycling Stunts That Raise Eyebrows

Sometimes learning to ride a bicycle takes a lot of time than you will ever think. At some point, you might even think of giving up and playing online casino games instead, visit for French casino games. But that’s not how it supposed to be done. Almost every single person attempts and falls, but what most people do is to get up and get on their way once again. Cycles are mostly used at a certain age. But even though that can be the case most people will not abide by this rule.

However, there are a lot of risks that are associated with cycling but that does not matter to the people who have done some shocking cycling stunts. There are some crazy and brave people out there in case you didn’t know. On that note, let’s walk you some of the best, crazy and shocking cycling stunts that are absolutely out of his world surely.

Jason Fernando

Jason is one of the most hilarious and unbelievable cyclists. He clearly shows why so much in love with cycling is. The moment he ventures on the streets he completely forgets a thing called sitting on the bicycle. Whilst on the bike, he just stands there amazingly and there is no moment whereby he seems like he is out of place or he is getting whole craft wrong. The composure he has whilst on the bike is actually exceptional.

Danny MacAskill

Danny boy is one of those cyclist guys who know very well how to manage the pedals. He is exceptionally well, very relaxed and his ability to control his pace his magnificent. Moreover, he jumps over quite a number of delicate things as he is doing his stunts. If you manage to watch his videos online after playing australia online pokies surely you will be amazed with what you are going to see. It’s absolutely crazy and out of this world surely. There is no one who is doing it better than Danny and remember that!

Best Cities to Visit in Australia for Cycling Enthusiasts

If there is one thing cycling enthusiasts dread most from late autumn throughout the winter months, it would be that they need to put their bikes up until the warm days of spring roll around once again. This year, if you are taking a winter holiday, why not plan on a week or two in the Land Down Under? December marks the start of summer in Australia, so the weather will be ideal for cycling enthusiasts. It’s time to begin making reservations, so here are 4 of the cities cycling enthusiasts say are the best cities to visit on a cycling holiday.

Royalty Free Photo

1. Canberra

What many people visiting Canberra for the first time on a cycling holiday note about the city is that of all Australian cities, it has the best weather for the sport. Also, there is plenty of nature surrounding the city and so even though you can be riding down a city street, you can also be out in the heart of nature within just about ten minutes. This is one city for where you might want to get a bit of training in beforehand. You may even want to join one of the local cycling teams so they can show you the best routes.

2. Perth

Although a remarkable city for cycling enthusiasts, Perth is not a city for the new or wobbly cyclist. It is most known for being the world’s third windiest city, so it does take some strength and agility to manoeuvre the paths, even though they are flat. With miles and miles of coastline, it’s a lovely smooth ride, but just outside the city it does get a bit hilly. New cycling enthusiasts are told to beware the winds and hills. Even so, it’s a lovely ride!

3. Melbourne

In recent years, Melbourne has made a concerted attempt to encourage residents and visitors alike to abandon motor cars for bicycles. In this effort, some car lanes have been abolished and the city has replaced them with safer bicycle lanes. It’s interesting to note that it all began as a pledge by a previous Lord Mayor, Robert Doyle, to make the city what he called a “true cycling city.”

4. Adelaide

When it comes to bicycle lanes, Adelaide is said to have a copious amount. Any cycling enthusiast would absolutely revel in having the ability to cycle their way through the city without the bother of cars pushing them off the roadways. For a true cycling holiday, this lesser-known of the Australian cities might just make the perfect holiday spot.

So, there you have 4 cities to consider for a ‘winter’ holiday in Australia. While it’s cold and dreary elsewhere in the world, Australia is just beginning their summer season with temperatures warm and the days long and lovely. Why not get away from the cold, take a break from work and keep that body in shape for next summer’s cycling tours? In other words, the Land Down Under is the perfect place for a winter holiday for cyclists. See for yourself this year.

Top 3 Best Cities to Cycle Around in the US

Photo by Free-Photos / Pixabay License 

Cycling isn’t just an amazing way to get around, it is also a fantastic way to lose weight, keep healthy, and get to know people who share the same passion for cycling as you do.

In a time when more and more people are considering the ecological implications of their lives and methods of transport, cycling also offers a low-carbon alternative to cars and public transport and is an easy way to exercise as part of a healthy diet.

Despite its benefits, however, cycling often plays second fiddle to cars and buses when it comes to being able to safely use the roads. In most cities in the US, cycle lanes are not well implemented, and cycling around inner-city roadways runs the gamut from challenging to outright dangerous.

Thankfully, this isn’t the case for all cities in America. Certain cities across the US have set themselves up as havens for cyclists, and in this article we will be exploring three of the best cycle-friendly metropolises.


Seattle is currently in the middle of an employment boom; 60,000 new jobs have been created in the city over the last decade. Because of this influx of new workers, the city council has been putting an unprecedented level of thought into the design of their cycle lanes.

Rather than just lines of paint, Seattle makes use of protected cycle lanes that have concrete buffers to protect cyclists from other road users and rails at intersections for riders to lean on for support.

The city also pledged an additional $8.35 million for protected bike lanes and plans to introduce low-stress neighborhood greenways to connect existing protected cycle paths.

Seattle also has a blooming cycling and coffee shop culture, with start-ups like Lime bikes enabling people to cycle from one hot spot to the next.

Seattle is famous for more than its coffee shops and cycle routes, however. If you’re a sports fan, it’s only a short cycle from the city center to the University of Washington and Husky Stadium.

The Washington Huskies are the favorites to win this year’s Pac-12 Conference Champions spot and are looking to set right a close defeat in last year’s Rose Bowl, so if you do have the chance to take in a game, you can expect some exciting football.


The addition of protected cycle paths is vital to making cities cycle-friendly and protecting cyclists. Photo by MichaelGaida / Pixabay License 

San Francisco

San Francisco is an excellent example of what can be done when a city tries to keep cyclists safe and encourage the use of bicycles. In 2010 there wasn’t a single protected bike lane in the entire city.

Since that time, the city has invested more than $112 million in cycle-related infrastructure, and now there are nearly 20 miles of protected bike lanes across San Francisco.

The city is most famous for the Golden Gate Bridge, but places like Fishermans’ Wharf, Pier 39, and Ghirardelli Square are also high on most people’s sightseeing list. Thankfully, all of these places are now easily accessible by cyclists.

Fort Collins

While the other two entries among our top-three cycle-friendly cities have been large metropolises, Fort Collins is a great reminder than you don’t have to be a giant city in order to implement a range of bike-friendly advancements.

Fort Collins makes great use of multi-use paths that criss-cross the city and pass over, or under, major roadways. There are, in fact, 45 of these grade crossings in the city, which means you can basically cycle from one end of city to the other without needing to interact with traffic.

These multi-use paths also head out of the city to a range of local mountain bike trails that have made Fort Collins a very popular destination for cyclists in recent years.

A great indicator of the fact that Fort Collins has been successful in its attempts to encourage cyclists and keep them safe is the fact that the city currently plays host to more cycle-friendly businesses than any other city in the U.S.

Cycling Heaven

So, there you have it—three excellent examples of places where cycling has been made a safe and acceptable way of life, not just an odd hobby that gets in the way of traffic.

Seattle and San Francisco’s range of protected bike lanes make them ideal for cycling tourists, while Fort Collins is a great destination if you want to head out on your bike, but not run into those big-city crowds.

A Perfectly Portland Summer Ride

Riding in the city is a lot of fun, but Portland is surrounded by lush wilderness just on the fringes of the city. Take some time to soak it in with this ride that is sure to delight. This route is full of very cool features on a pleasant, short loop that takes you away from the urban madness for a little bit before gently easing you back in. You’ll discover swimming holes, bird refuges and extremely pleasant off-road paved paths.

You might want to pack: Dollars for tacos, a suit and towel for beach swimming, binoculars for birding, your camera for snapping.

Smith Bybee Kelley John

Distance: 23 miles
Elevation: Relatively flat with only 470 feet of elevation gain and one big climb. Reverse your ride to put the climb near the beginning, but we prefer to round out the trip with tacos in St. Johns.
Roads: Mostly off street paths.

Highlights:Beach, low-traffic route, teeming with opportunities to spot wildlife, watch gigantic ships sail by.
Start: North Vancouver at Skidmore, with plenty of places in the area to meet your buddies for a pre-ride coffee.
Head: North on Vancouver

View the map


Smith and Bybee lakes the the largest urban wildlife wetland refuge in the US. Stop by for a relaxing break and bird watching. Don’t forget your suit; Kelley Point Park is a fantastic beach for dipping into either or the Willamette or the Columbia river – your choice as this is where the two powerful rivers meet with plenty of low-water hang out spots. Round out your adventure with some climbing; the relaxing cruise down to the majestic Cathedral Point Park in St. Johns is worth the climb out is.

Where do you ride?

We’re highlighting favorite summertime rides. Where do you like to go?

How Cycling Can Help You Achieve Clarity of Mind

There is no question that any kind of exercise is good for your body, but did you know that it is also good for your mental health? Any kind of physical activity that gets your body and blood moving can boost your mood and help clear your mind of the worries of the day. As you hop on your bike and glide along the road with the wind in your face, how can you not feel relaxed?

Exercise is Good for Your Mind

There have been many studies done proving that exercise can help relieve stress, depression, and anxiety disorders. The most important part of this is that when you get your blood flowing, it increases the endorphins in your body that help make you feel good. In addition, concentrating on the path you are on lets you forget about the issues that may be bothering you.

Physical Health of Your Brain

You may have already known that exercise is good for your mind, but did you know that biking can reduce your chances of getting Alzheimer’s disease and dementia? Keeping your brain busy and concentrating on doing something (anything really) promotes neurological growth and reduces inflammation in the brain and the body. In fact, just the motions of pedaling and steering your bike along the path gives your brain something to do.

Endorphins and Energy

There are other benefits as well, of course. Those endorphins that help you feel better can also help you stay more mentally alert and sharp. This encourages you to do more biking and then you get more benefits. Increasing your blood flow also gives you more energy, making you want to do more and bike even longer. Even if you only start out by doing a short lap around the block, you may be biking a few miles by the end of the month.

Can Biking Cure Your Insomnia?

Riding is also fantastic for helping you sleep. Not that you need to go out and bike until you are ready to drop, but when you get enough exercise during the day, you sleep better. And when you sleep better, you feel better. Your body and your mind. Biking is even better for you than indoor activities because it gets you outside. You get fresh air and sunlight, which is also good for you.

Soaking Up the Sun

Have you ever noticed that just being in the sun can make you feel better? Biking is also good for you because being outside gets you out in the sunshine, which promotes the production of vitamin D. In fact, your body will actually turn your cholesterol into vitamin D when you are exposed to the sun’s ultraviolet rays, getting rid of cholesterol while boosting vitamin D. The lack of vitamin D has been shown to be a major cause of seasonal affective disorder (SAD), which is a form of depression that people get in the wintertime when you get less sun exposure.

Therapy is Still Therapeutic

When you are trying to deal with a mental issue like depression or an anxiety disorder, biking may be the last thing on your mind. You may not feel like going out and doing anything. In fact, one of the main symptoms of depression is lack of motivation and many who have severe depression can have trouble just getting out of bed to do anything, let alone going biking. If you have depression, anxiety, or any other mental health condition, therapy is always the best choice for most mental issues. Talking to a mental health professional can help you feel better and get you back out there on your bike again. By visiting, you can talk to them from the comfort of your own home.

Marie Miguel has been a writing and research expert for nearly a decade, covering a variety of health- related topics. Currently, she is contributing to the expansion and growth of a free online mental health resource with With an interest and dedication to addressing stigmas associated with mental health, she continues to specifically target subjects related to anxiety and depression.





Cycling: Easy and Fun Way to Stay Fit

Using a bicycle is one of the best ways that one can stay fit. And to add on to that, cycling comes with several benefits that we will be more than willing to state for you in the article below. We will also add a few interesting cycling fitness facts that we are sure will shock you.

Why Cycle To Stay Fit?

It’s Convenient

If you are looking for a convenient way to stay fit, then just cycle, it’s as simple as that. That is because once you get yourself a bicycle, you start exercising as soon as you leave the house. While with the gym you have to get there first and at times even wait a bit if it happens to be a busy day. 

It’s Your Personal Fitness Machine

Sure paying for the gym is fun and all, but there are times when you can pay and still achieve anything. This is different when you have a bicycle, sure there will be days when you do not feel like cycling, but we are sure at some point you will. And even if you don’t, you still have a bicycle that you can use on days when traffic is busy. 

The View

One of the best parts of everyday cycling is the view. You get to enjoy the open air while you exercise and it is rather fun if you ask us. It is also a great way to calm down, almost as relieving as playing casino games at online casinos New Zealand

Cycling Fitness Facts

  • 15 minutes of cycling reduces can burn up to 11 pounds in a year. 
  • You can reduce heart disease risk by cycling 30 minutes a day. 
  • Of an hour of cycling daily can reduce mortality risk by 35%.
  • Cycling is part of sports and there are online sports betting sites for professional cyclists 
  • Cycling can reduce depression even after cycling for a few minutes. 
  • Cycling can make you look a lot younger than your age mates. 


Exciting Reasons To Try Bike Commuting

In today’s world, many people are used to driving their cars to work or getting onto a bus or train. However, in this article, we tell you the exciting reasons to try bike commuting.

Why you should try bike commuting

Every now and again, you should take a break from your busy schedule or online casino gambling websites and hop onto a bike. Listed below are a few cool reasons why you should try commuting with a bike.

When you commute with a bike, you really do not waste any time stuck in traffic. This is because you can easily manoeuvre your way through the traffic.

Another really exciting thing about using a bike is that, there are really no long waits for a car wash or an oil change. Also, there are really no long waits for service from a parts store. You will, also, really enjoy the fact that you do not spend any time at all filling out your gas tank every week.

When it comes to parking, you do it in a snap, wasting no time at all. Using your bike keeps you fit. In fact, your fitness will be excellent without you having to spend endless time on a treadmill or a stationary cycle.

You will be glad to know that there are no payments for insurance, registration, car loans, tow charges, tolls, or fines.

Commuting on a bike is also good for your well-being. This is because you do not have to deal with frequent episodes of road rage. Instead, you enjoy lots of fresh hair while you cycle.

Believe it or not, there are so many things that you can find when you cycle. Things like toys, tools, or money. When you finally get to your destination, you are filled with an endorphin rush, and you feel very fit and ready to be productive.

The truth is, when you make the decision to cycle, you end up saving a lot of money and use some for entertainment such as sports bet, movies or partying. Not only that, but you also feel self-righteous about not polluting the air. Finally, for those that are trying to watch their weight, you can eat as much food as you want and not worry about getting fat at all.



Real Benefits of Cycling for Health and Fitness 

>Unlike online casino games whereby you don’t need too much practise to perfect your craft. In cycling, it only takes two to four hours a week to achieve your health by engaging in cycling. Cycling is the best way to keep your body active and strong. And most of the time it can also relieve stress. Take for instance you have lost real money in mobile sports book and you are stressed up. The best way is to take your bicycle and go for cycling at the quiet hills and breathe in some fresh air and rediscover yourself.

Well, we are not into how you can relieve stress. But how you can keep your body healthy by engaging in cycling. Read along!

Low Impact

Cycling is well known to be good for the mind. But that’s not all, it is also good for your muscles. It causes less strain as well as injuries compared to most forms of exercises. This is so because you can ride your bicycle at your own pace and you can choose how further you want to go.

A Very Good Muscle Workout

As mentioned before, cycling will have an impact on every part of your body. includes is because you will be using all the major muscles as you pedal and that also includes the mind.

Very Easy Way of Exercising

If you enjoy riding your bicycle then you are spending most of the time strengthen your body muscles in a very easy manner. Riding a bike does not require a high level of skill. In most cases a lot of people when they master the art of cycling, they tend not to forget and some of them became so attached to biking. And it is good to be attached to something that brings a lot of benefits. Just like if you are into playing casino games or betting sites. It’s not a bad thing because you have an opportunity of winning real money.

Tour de Lab – AROOOOOO!

Round up your pack and get ready to circle the city on a doggone fun puppy love adventure to support DoveLewis Emergency Animal Hospital. Tour de Lab on September 1 is an annual tradition that is not to be missed.

About the Ride

There are two courses: 15 flat miles (The Puppy) or 40 hilly miles (The Big Dog).

Along the way, you’ll earn your dog nose and ears as you conquer each rest stop on your way to the big prize: The Dog Park Finish Line Party. Relax and enjoy the final dog days of summer as you sip on a Lucky Lab pint or two; the commemorative etched pint glass is yours to keep.

Bring Your Friends!

Tour de Lab is definitely a ride, not a race, and it’s meant to be a leisurely day of exploring Portland and having fun. The ride is even more fun when you come as a crew, so round up your friends. This easy, flat ride is perfect for people who are new to riding, and the perfect opportunity for you to help your newly riding friends have a great time on two wheels.

More Information



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