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Seven Feathers Casino Resort: Not Your Average Biking Holiday


Every once in a while we need an extra incentive to motivate us to get out into undesirable weather conditions and stay healthy on our bikes. When busy life gets in the way, it can be difficult to maintain an active lifestyle. That’s why an alternative vacation at a resort with ample activities can be a cool option for the entire family. Choose the right place an you can still get in your bike rides.

Here in Oregon there are a lot of great places to ride but venturing to an altogether different destination can be a thrilling way to mix up the pace. Seven Feathers Casino Resort, located just off I-5 in Canyonville (south of Roseburg) is ranked in the “Top 20 of Pacific Northwest Properties,” and offers a diverse array of amenities that cater to people who enjoy engaging in a myriad of different activities on their vacations; there is a little something for everyone.

Top of the list of amenities is definitely the Canyon Creek forest, situated right alongside the resort with plenty of trails ride. Seven Features also features a the fitness center, Olympic-size swimming pool, spa, cabaret shows and a “Nevada-style gaming atmosphere.”

Seven Feather’ History

Originally just a simple casino, Seven Feathers began to offer a more varied array of entertainment in the late 90′s when InterCasino hit the scene and land-based casinos had to find alternative sources of revenue. Seven Feathers utilized its surrounding environment, and restructured to offer visitors the chance to be at one with nature. Since then the resort has catered to families not just the ardent gaming enthusiasts looking for their Oregon-alternative to Las Vegas.

The resort now offers trips to local golf clubs as part of their day packages, as well as trips to nearby museums, river excursions, Wild Safari days, trips to local wineries and a tour of historical inns. Check out the many excursions offered here.

An enjoyable vacation

Blending a day of adrenaline-fuelled riding with the relaxation options available at a resort is an excellent way to spend your vacation. The surrounding area Seven Feathers is idyllic and has garnered much praise for being an ideal place to relax.

Have you Been?

Have you been to Seven Feathers? What did you think?

Happy Thanksgiving!


We are thankful for those stretches of smooth pavement on long rides, gravel roads to take us on wild adventures, friends who clock the miles alongside us, event organizers who give us incredible experiences, bike mechanics who keep us rolling, towns that understand the importance of being bike friendly, shop employees who answer our endless list of questions, fenders that block the grime, singletrack that sinks us into the forest, cyclocross for making fall fun, creative bikers for brightening our day with events like Breakfast on the Bridge, bike shops that serve beer, beer shops that like bikes, a big plate of food after a day of riding, and the ORbike readers for riding with us since 2005.

#KeepRiding :: We’ve got your back.

What are you thankful for?

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Sign the Petition


Northwest Trail Alliance is urging the Portland City Council to “catch up with the overflowing demand for off-road cycling opportunities.” They recently put up a petition on the website and are encouraging cyclists of all types to sign.

Portland is a world class bike city in so many ways. For most people, it’s easy-as-pie to try riding to work, the grocery or a friend’s house. Plenty of safe route options exist. The cultural activities are through the roof. Bike shops with fair pricing, ample stock and knowledgeable staff abound. The City consistently works to make the roads safer. Impressive numbers of people ride over the bridges every day.

Things are really, really good.

If you want to ride on the road.

Off road riders are an important aspect of the bicycle family, and they deserve access to bike infrastructure as well. And if we’re going to be a world class bike city, they shouldn’t have to drive to their ride.


WATCH THIS > Delivery


Carve out a few minutes for this one.

Delivery from NO WEATHER

FBlogoOur WATCH THIS > series is made possible by Filmed by Bike, a series of events and the best bike movies from around the world. Watch more on the Filmed by Bike website here >>

Dry Storage on the Go


At this time of year, having reliable dry storage is more important than ever. What starts as a trickle quickly turns into a deluge as more water seeps in. If you carry precious cargo, like your laptop, phone or a change of dry clothes, leaking water is not acceptable.

You have options

Many bags feature a waterproof cover you can simply stretch over the bag. You can also buy these separately. We think that extra step isn’t worth the hassle if you live in a place where it rains nine months out of the year. Instead, invest in a quality bag that’s 100% water proof, and save that dapper unwaxed canvas satchel for a summery day.

Waxed canvas goes a long way toward repelling rain, especially if your commute isn’t more than five miles. Linus makes a nice line of bags that easily attach to a bike and are durably made to last.

A fully water proof bag like Ortlieb is a nice option. The bags are easy to clean (just wipe them down, inside and out) and the bag closure ensures 100% waterproofing in even the worst conditions for endless miles. Ortlieb was primarily known as a rafting gear company for a long time, so they’ve got the waterproofing thing down to a science.

At this point, it becomes a little more about aesthetics.

Portland-based bag makers North St., Black Star and Blaq (to name just a few) all produce well made bags in a variety of styles using fully waterproof material. North St.’s Woodward Convertible is a fantastic option if you want to go from pannier while you ride to back pack while you shop/hike/adventure.

Keep it Closed

An overstuffed bag is going to leak. Any channels in the fabric will pool water that eventually could seep toward the closure. Ensure your bag has a firm closure with no gaps, preferably with the fabric sloping downward toward the outside of the bag. This is your best bet in combating leakage.

Where is Your Bag Mat?

Create an area in your house where you can easily set down your wet, drippy, grime-covered bag after a long commute home on a dreary day traversing the dirty streets. Maybe that’s a small mat near your front door where you can also kick off your shoes. Keep a junk towel near by and make a habit of quickly wiping down your bag. This will prevent tracking grime through the house and brushing that grime against your clean work clothes the next morning.. Once that bag dries, road debris and fine gravel from the road easily falls off wherever your bag goes.

How do you Carry?

How do you carry your needs through the winter? Share your ideas below.

How do you stay warm and dry on your bike all winter long? We’re running an extensive series of articles with everyday cycling tips to help you #KeepRiding no matter what the elements throw our way. You can read the entire series here and follow us on Twitter and Instagram for even more cool ideas. Hash tag your posts #KeepRiding and inspire more people to ride their bikes this winter.

Product Party


Interbike is one of the largest bike industry expos in the world, a Las Vegas event second in size only to Eurobike.

The Portland Product Party wasn’t nearly as huge, by a long stretch, but it was still a very cool event we hope to see grow.

Held at Velo Cult Bike Shop and Tavern, the Product Party was a casual (beer drinking) environment for retailers to check out 2015 products from a variety of bike businesses. Company reps were on hand to talk about new product features.

The event was put together as a last-minute idea, but the consensus all around seemed to be that it’s worth hosting again next year. Bike shop employees are often too busy to spend their time researching the finer points of new products, but this event was a cool environment to parlay that information. The focus on bike industry retailers is important. It’s no secret that online shopping is taking away from local businesses. If shop employees are more knowledgeable, they can offer an attractive service that has the potential to draw shoppers away from the sterile, self-driven online shopping environment.

If nothing else, it was an awesome opportunity for industry people to interact, something Portland needs a lot more of.

In attendance were Black Star Bags, North Street Bags, Walnut Studiolo, Bern, Showers Pass and Portland Design Works.

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