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Vote for the Best Bike Rides!

2017 was an incredible year for bike rides in our region, but it was not without difficulty. Wildfires forced the cancellation of several beloved rides and many others have to scramble with last minute re-routes and alternate planning.

We’re sending a huge THANK YOU out to all the ride organizers who provide fantastic riding experiences in our region. We know their job isn’t easy and we sure-do appreciate their hard work to create fantastic rides.

What Were Your Favorites?

Did you ride any supported rides this year? What were your faves?

Other Rides

Don’t see your favorite listed above? Add it in the comments below and we’ll count your vote!


  • Paid rides
  • Supported
  • Non-competitive
  • Has a distance option of more than 20 miles
  • Offers regularly stationed rest stops and a finish line celebration
  • Is located in the Oregon region – a start location Oregonians can reasonably drive to.

2016 Favorites

See the results from the 2016 awards here >

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COOL ROUTE: Covered Bridges

This is an awesome scenic bikeway!

Here’s a fact not many people know: Lane County has more remaining covered bridges than any county west of the Mississippi River. So what could be better than a ride that celebrates several of them — along with some small-town charm, a beautiful lake at the foot of the Cascades and a smooth, mostly flat rails-to-trails bike path from downtown out past the lake?

The Covered Bridges Scenic Bikeway follows the Cottage Grove Covered Bridge Tour Route and is appropriate for almost any rider. You can do an out-and-back on the Row River Trail path and stay traffic-free, or for variety you can go out on the path and back via roads – including one good climb, if you like that sort of thing (you can also easily bypass the climb). This is a refreshing, naturally beautiful ride you’re sure to enjoy, and a great chance to check out Cottage Grove, an historic town with a handsome old downtown and lots of activities and attractions.

From parking areas in downtown Cottage Grove at the Community Center or Bohemia Park, visitors can travel 17 miles of smoothly paved off-street path along the north side of Dorena Lake, passing three of the six covered bridges on the route. All three of these bridges are listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Dorena Bridge is a popular wedding site, for those visitors wanting a bit of romance in addition to scenery. Four bathroom stops, seven parking areas, and three picnic areas along this part of the route provide many rest opportunities and a chance to get off the bike and enjoy the scenery. A store in the modest community of Dorena provides snacks and refreshments.

Visitors comfortable riding on the shouldered roadway can ride the 17 miles back to Cottage Grove on the road, and view another covered bridge. Those who want to bypass the Garoutte Road hill can return to the bike path at the western end of the lake. Two campgrounds and one bathroom stop provide recreational and rest opportunities.

Within Cottage Grove, visitors share low-speed Main Street with cars through the National Register-listed Downtown Commercial Historic District. A number of coffee and ice cream spots, restaurants, pubs, shops, and a bike shop face Main Street and offer refreshment or services. At the western end of downtown, the Bikeway includes views of two more covered bridges and a footbridge. Of note is the Chambers Bridge, the only covered railroad bridge west of the Mississippi also listed on the National Register.



This route comes to us courtesy of the Ride Oregon website.


Summer Riding for a Stronger Winter

This article is presented by the Harvest Century, a huge celebration of an awesome riding season. The ride takes place every September out of Hillsboro. Don’t miss it this year!

Now is certainly not the time to think about winter, but that doesn’t mean we can’t be preparing for a strong winter on our bikes.

Savoring the sweet days of summer on a bike is a fantastic way to inspire more riding all winter long. When you enjoy your rides, they leave a better lasting impression.

Too often we approach our rides as simply something we must crank though. And while it’s true that the fitness aspect of cycling is immensely valuable, the mental aspect is equally valuable, but only if you approach it with the right state of mind.


Try this: Get up out of your chair. Down a glass of water. Grab your helmet, a lock, your bag (if you don’t have a basket) and wallet. Leave all your riding gear behind. Clip in if you must because of your pedals. Wear your normal clothes. Hop on your bike. Pedal slowly. Round the block. Wander aimlessly. Have no plan. Stop for coffee. Grab a beer. Pop by a friend’s house. Stop at the farmers market. Swing by the store. Get an ice cream cone. Wave at neighbors.

Savor the sights, scents and sounds of summer.

Take it all in. Relax. Sink in.

This is what cycling is all about.


Bike Shopping

Fall and winter are excellent times to start your bike shopping for next summer. Shops are never as busy as they are in the summertime, and you’ll be able to get more attention from the staff.

This makes for a much better shopping experience.

What to Look for

What is your budget? This will help narrow down the overwhelming number of choices. We know you’re probably not interested in the most expensive bicycles in the world, but to get what you truly want, you’ll have to spend a little money. Knowing your budget in advance will help you stay on track, but be sure to come up with a range and have some flexibility. After all, your bike in an investment in your health.

Knowing exactly what type of riding you want to be doing, and what features your current bike lacks, will also help you hone in. Remember – no bike has it all. If you’re looking for the cargo-cross-light weight-zippy-gravel grinder, you need more than one bike.

Plan a good time to go

Not all shop staff are well trained to help sell bikes. Go at a time when the shop is less busy so they can spend more time with you.

Take a good test ride

How does it climb? Descend? You want to know how the bike performs in a variety of scenarios. Don’t rush your test ride – the bike is a big investment and you want to know you’re really comfortable on the bike before you make your purchase.

Don’t fear the test ride! Enjoy it!

  • Ride as many bikes as you want.
  • Be sure the bike is adjusted for you and the tires are aired up.
  • Return to the shop and re-ride the bikes you’re most interested in.
  • Consider visiting multiple shops.

Go prepared

Know what you want to ask, do a little research, then hit the shops. This will save you a lot of time in the long run. And that’s time you can use to catch up on your book, hit up Red Flush casino and of course ride your bike much more.

Bring a hit list of questions and ideas you want to go through with the shop.

Do careful research

Be sure you know what you’re getting for your money. Search around online. Maybe even take a break every so often for Red Flush casino to clear your head, then return to the task of components, parts and cost.

Whatever decision you make, enjoy the ride!


Wear the Jersey! Restore the Gorge!

The Columbia River Gorge is a beloved place for so many reasons, most of which revolve around the boundless beauty of the natural environment. The region is home to dense lush forests, striking mountain views, the Mighty Columbia (the largest river by volume in the US), gushing waterfalls, endless hiking trails, supreme mt. biking, perfect ribbon roads of farmland serenity….

Eagle Creek Fire Damage

Long after the Eagle Creek wildfire has fully smoldered, this designated National Scenic Area will be forever changed. It is going to take extensive work to assess the damage then repair and re-open popular destinations like the Angle’s Rest hiking trail.

Restore the Gorge – This Jersey Saves Trees!

One bike jersey at a time.

Portland Jerseys, in partnership with ORbike, wants to aid these important rehabilitation efforts. For every one of their Columbia River Gorge jerseys sold, they will donate $20 to Friends of the Columbia River Gorge for restoration efforts.

On top of that, Portland Jerseys always plants a tree for every jersey sold.

Buy the Jersey Today!

Wear your Gorge-ous jersey with pride and know you are one of the people restoring the Columbia River Gorge.


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