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The Final Sunday Parkways of 2014


Summer 2014 has come to a close. We don’t care about the date on the calendar, this how we know: It has has been raining for more than five hours straight and the final Portland Sunday Parkways of the summer is this weekend.

No matter what kind of biking you enjoy, there is no denying that Sunday Parkways is just about the most joy-filled event on the planet. Spending the day on the traffic-free streets of Portland filled with wild antics, costumes, hula hooping, hoards of volunteers, Zumba, food and music will certainly renew your faith in humanity (so long as you can forgive the new riders and little tykes who literally cross your path).

We’ve been at every single Sunday Parkways this summer, and here are a few of our favorite photos to get you excited for this Sunday’s event in SW Portland.

Photo Album

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What do you love?

What do you love about Portland Sunday Parkways? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

We’ll see you on Sunday!

Trying Out Cyclocross


Every wonder what it’s like to race cyclocross for the first time?

For some people, it comes naturally. They’re the ones who have always been daredevils, like jumping off stuff, race their fellow commuters on the ride home and are generally inclined to have mad bike handling skills.

But for others, those of us confident on our bikes but who have no frame of reference for the type of fast racing in mud (and…) that comes with cyclocorss, it can seem rather daunting to hop onto the racecourse for the first time.

That’s why we’re loving the series of articles is running from Rebecca Hamilton, a strong city rider who is trying her hand at cyclocross fir the first time this season, and baring her soul to the internet along the way.

Installment 1 >>
Installment 2 >>

What are your racing tips?

Have you newly gotten into cyclocorss? What are you tips for beginners?

Handmade Bike and Beer Fest


Get an up close and personal look at some of the region’s most finely crafted steeds, while sipping equally exquisite local craft beer.

The Handmade Bike and Beer Festival is a mash-up of two of Portland’s favorite fall events: Hopworks’ Biketobeerfest and the Oregon Handmade Bicycle Show hosted by the Oregon Bicycle Constructor’s Association.

The weekend features custom frame builders showing handmade bicycles, local brewers pouring hand-crafted beers, live music from area artists and activities for all ages.


  • 30 custom bike builders and vendors who follow the long tradition of crafting beautiful bikes by hand.
  • A wide range of bikes – from road bikes to custom cargo bikes.
  • Get an up-close look at these lovingly crafted steeds, meet the masters and ask questions.

Beers and Bands

Hopworks is serving a robust selection of their handcrafted beer alongside many of the other regional breweries including Deschutes, Grain Station, Ex Novo and Widmer Brothers plus cider from Cider Riot! and Reverend Nat’s.

Dance to the tunes of legendary ska band The Israelites. The stage lineup also includes fun Pacific Northwest bands There Is No Mountain, Bear Water Band and Shake Up Bluegrass (previously Left Coast Country) – perfect festival music.

Photo Gallery

A glimpse at antics from years past and what you can expect to enjoy at this year’s event.

Event Basics

Bikes, Bands and Beers on Saturday 10-9pm
Bikes, Beers on Sunday 12-5pm

Full schedule >>

September 27 and 28

Hopworks Urban Brewery, 2944 SE Powell

Buy tickets online or at the door
$10 – basic entry
$25 – Entry, pint glass, beer and food tokens
$40 – Premium package includes all the above and a shirt

More info >>

Ninkrossi is coming!


The coveted and creative Ninkrossi cyclocross race is part of the Grand Prix Ryan Trebon series, and it’s coming up on September 27th.

This race is plenty of fun to race, or just head out to join the spectators for a day of muddy fun.

Here’s a taste from 2012 to get you all-kinds-of excited!

90 Degrees: Ride Your Bike!


Hurry! Summer is quickly starting to fade, but not before we get a few more really nice days of hot weather.

Don’t let summer slip by without a few more of those awesome rides that will keep your mind reeling all winter long. During long stretches of dreary rain, these are the rides you’ll dream of.

Ride to Remember is this Saturday – jump on it!

Your legs will thank you, and your karma points will definitely go up. The ride is a fundraiser for Clackamas Women’s Services, a non-profit organization that supports women who are in abusive situations. The work they do is so important in our community and the ride is a gorgeous way to support them.


Salmonberry Corridor to the Coast


We are pretty excited about the proposed Salmonberry Corridor project that is gaining impressive momentum.

According to BikePortland, “The project aims to re-open the derelict, 86-mile rail corridor to recreational use. When complete, it will connect the existing Banks-Vernonia rail-trail with the city of Tillamook on the Oregon Coast via a combination of paved and natural surface paths. Amazing huh?”

Amazing, indeed.

You can weigh in with comments on the proposed plan. The plan will be voted on at the September 25 Metro hearing.


Salmonberry River and POTB line by Chris Updegrave

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