Worst Day of the Year Bike Ride in Portland Oregon

A Women’s Event by Cycle Oregon


We are so excited about the brand new Joy Ride on June 11, a women’s event by the ride experts at Cycle Oregon. Cycle Oregon is known for well organized rides that take people on magical journeys along hushed roads with striking views and top notch support. Their route finders are always on a quest to find those little-known locals-only roads that snake along rivers, venture through the woods and afford riders the sweet tranquility that makes bike rides so alluring.

Ride and Unwind

Grab your friends, daughters, sisters and moms to escape into the countryside of the Willamette Valley. Whether you’re new to riding or you’ve been doing this for years, you’ll enjoy this one-day ride with several route options from 16-60 miles.

Make a Weekend of it

Head out just for the ride, or make a weekend of it. The Willamette Valley is a relaxing playground with wineries, quaint towns and plenty of opportunities to be pampered for the weekend as you kick back with the riding gals. Just the gals.

Stay Tuned!

Mark your calendar and stay tuned! Joy Ride will be launching more info soon, including awesome riding tips for strong women who want to be even stronger on their bikes.

PRESS PLAY: Dublin Cycling Stories


Filmed by Bike features the world’s best bike movies with a huge film festival in Portland every spring, then their movie collections travel the world.

Filmed by Bike is blazing trails, making bike advocacy more fun with their in-a-box film festival that other cities can show to inspire their communities to get on a bike and ride. Tell all your bike buddies about this fantastic opportunity for their bike city.

And now they’re sharing their movies with us so you can sit back, relax and watch great movies right here at ORbike.

NEXT UP: Dublin Cycling Stories

Packs a Punch Smoothie


Sometimes when you’re headed out on a ride, it’s hard to get in a full breakfast before you hit the road… and give it enough time to settle. On days like this, a smoothie is an excellent choice. A variety with plenty of protein will keep you strong on the bike all day long. And, best of all, you can easily take your smoothie along for the ride in your water bottle.

If it’s a hot day, be sure to rinse your water bottle immediately after finishing the smoothie to avoid a mess.

Use a stainless steel water bottle for easier clean up. If you’re concerned about that little bit of extra weight, you’re crazy.

You can easily rinse out a stainless steel water bottle in a drinking fountain and transition it to be one of your water bottles for the rest of the day.

ORbike Packs a Punch Smoothie

Adjust ingredients to your taste or consistency preference.

1/4 cup almond or peanut butter (we prefer almond)
8 oz milk or milk alternative
1 cup greek yogurt – plain, coconut or vanilla
1 banana, preferably cut in pieces and frozen
1/4 cup pieced coconut – shredded or otheriwse (optional)
1 teaspoon cinnamon
1/4 teaspoon nutmeg
If you’re a sweet treat person, add a tablespoon or two of honey

Blend until smooth. Continue to add milk alternative until you are pleased with the consistency.

What fuels your ride

What is the bike nutrition that keep you strong and healthy on your bike? Share your thoughts below!

Videos of Worst Day Ride


The annual Worst Day of the Year Ride is coming up on February 14. Take a glimpse at the ride from previous years:

9 Tips for Riding the Worst Day of the Year Ride


The Worst Day of the Year Ride is coming up on Valentine’s Day.

We’ve been going to this awesome ride since the very first one in 2003 so we thought we’d share a little veteran wisdom about how to make the most of your ride (and why you absolutely don’t want to miss it).

Make the Most of Your Ride

    1. Wigs go OUTSIDE your helmet. That’s what really makes your costume come together.
    2. Costumes aren’t mandatory, but they really should be. You’re going to get to the ride, stand in a sea of costumed bikers, and be bummed you didn’t allocate 15 minutes to at least digging up a cape or a wig.
    3. Waterproof costumes rock! We’ve seen people dressed in all sorts of costumes that help keep them dry. Bonus points!
    4. Bring friends. The ride is much more fun when you have a posse to roll with through the streets of Portland.
    5. The pre-ride party is on Saturday at the Lucky Lab. That’s where you pick up your rider number and get the low-down on the ride. We highly recommend attending because a) Drink a beer b) Meet other riders who are probably really cool people c) Get your business squared away so you’re ready to roll on the morning of the ride.
    6. Arrive early on the morning of the ride. Not too early, just 45 minutes or so. That way, you can: a) Use the restroom b) Eat doughnuts!!!! c) Drink coffee d) Run into (and make new) friends e) Deal with costume emergencies that might arise and of course f) Figure out the whole car parking deal if you’re driving there (we recommend biking, but there is ample parking all around on the side streets – you just might have to walk a couple blocks).
    7. Plan to hang out. Make it a party. Even if your friends can’t join you on the ride, they can still come to the ultra-fun finish line party.
    8. Register online – you’ll save $$ that way. For deeper savings, pick up a coupon at participating locations. But if nothing else, you can always register on the morning of the ride at the event.
    9. Most of all, just GO! This year the ride is celebrating it’s 15 anniversary with all new routes. Even if you’ve been on the ride in the past and are thinking “I’ve already done that”, you don’t want to miss this year with the cool new stops, including breweries and Velo Cult, equal parts bike shop tavern, museum and cultural hangout. (oh how we LOVE Velo Cult!).


    Okay, now you’ve got the basics. It’s time to assemble your costume. Here are some of our favorites from over the years.

Cycle Oregon Kick-Off Party!


It’s the big mystery! We wait months to find out where this year’s Cycle Oregon route will go. Only a trusted few people are in the know, but on February 3rd the route will be unveiled and we can’t wait to find out what it will be.

Cycle Oregon has a big name in supported rides. They’ve got years of history under their belt, and a well organized team to ensure everyone has a good time. The ride has traversed the far reaching edges of Oregon and through some of the most scenic regions.

Where do you think it will go this year?

Kickoff Party

February 3
Portland Art Museum

Special News

We got an insider tip that Cycle Oregon will also be making a big announcement at the event, so you definitely don’t want to miss it.

We hope to see you there!

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