Ride to Defeat ALS - July 17

Portland Century – Headed SOUTH!


Portland’s signature ride is heading south with all new routes! If you love Portland and riding bikes, the Portland Century was made just for you. Couple that with gourmet rest stops and a fantastic finish line party and you’ve got one of the best rides around.

Every year the Portland Century designs new routes that offer an opportunity to explore a spectacular region on the fringes of Portland. This year the ride is headed south for a delightful cruise along the Willamette River and a plunge into the woods that blanket the city’s edge. With 3,500 feet of elevation gain, this year’s new 100 mile route is filled with just enough thrills to keep your ride interesting, but not soul crushing.

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Ride to Defeat ALS


Ride to Defeat ALS on July 18 (Mt. Angel) is a special event for so many reasons.

Everyone who participates in this fantastic ride comes to it with different intentions. Many love to sink into the landscape. Others like the smooth pavement and quiet roads, a chance to leave behind the cares of the world for the day.

And for plenty of the participants, they ride for those who can’t.

ALS, also known as Lou Gerhig’s Disease, is a deadly disease with no cure. Affected people lose the ability to speak, eat, move and eventually they lose the ability to breathe. It’s a devastating process for loved ones and the patient to endure.

But there is hope! According to the ALS Association, “recent years have brought a wealth of new scientific understanding regarding the physiology of this disease. There is currently one FDA approved drug, riluzole, that modestly slows the progression of ALS in some people. Although there is not yet a cure or treatment that halts or reverses ALS, scientists have made significant progress in learning more about this disease.”

The ALS Association provides much needed support and education for people living with ALS and their loved ones. They help people modify the transportation and living situations for a better quality of life.

To fund this important work, the ALS Association of Oregon hosts the annual Ride to Defeat ALS.

Join in on the ride, and make a big difference.

Ride Basics

Date: July 18
Routes: 25, 40, 62, 100 miles
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Cascade Cream Puff Race Course Map


The Cascade Cream Puff is widely regarded as one of the most grueling and gorgeous mt. bike races in the nation.

The race takes place mostly on the Alpine Trail, the crown jewel for singletrack dirt lovers. Surrounded on all sides by the Willamette National Forest, this race is the perfect way to challenge yourself this summer. Hang out in the fun outdoorsy town of Oakridge and make a weekend of it.

More info

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Fritter50 (shorter route) on Strava >>
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Ride D’Vine


Soaking in the beauty of the Yakima Valley, Ride D’Vine travels along the Yakima Greenway through hop fields and up Konnowac Pass, meandering along the ridge top, winding through apple and cherry orchards and stopping at gorgeous (and tasty) vineyards.

Take a break outside the small down of Zillah where you can enjoy wine tasting and breathtaking views as you tour the vineyard.

About the routes

Three routes of 25, 50 and 70 miles give you plenty of options. New this year, there is a three mile course that’s perfect for kids and families.

Registration options

Registration is $70 and includes an event t-shirt, transportation back to the start line and a full day of riding. Upgrade to the $100 package to take advantage of a delicious catered gourmet lunch at Bonair Winery. The youth registration includes a free shirt and it’s only $5 per child or $25 per family, making for a great outing for the day.

About the cause

Proceeds from this annual ride help Catholic Charities of Yakima serve the most in need through affordable housing, education and service.

Ride Basics

Saturday, August 8
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Cycle Oregon Training Tips: Hands


Hands can say a lot, but unfortunately most of ours don’t get a lot of attention while we’re riding our bikes. When you’re on a quick five-miler to the store or even a 35 mile weekend adventure, this might not be a big deal.

But when it comes to riding a multi-day distance ride like Cycle Oregon, your entire body will thank you for giving your hands a little TLC.

Top Four Tips for Hand Positions While Riding a Bike

1. Don’t make your hands do all the work

It’s easy to rest on our hands, but that’s not really fair to the little guys. Strengthen your core to lighten the load on your wrists and hands. [read our tips here]

2. Alter your hand positions

You might have a favorite hand position, and chances are it has formed out of habit, not pure body comfort. Be sure to move your hands around as you ride to vary which muscle groups are being used. Even just slight shifts in position can make a big difference.

3. Know when to be where

When you climb, do you alter your hand position? Most of us don’t think about it, but where our hands are on the bars can make a big difference in how we approach different course elements, such as descents and hill climbs.

When you’re climbing and won’t need to shift or brake for extended periods of time, grab the top bar. This is a natural and comfortable position for your hands.

4. Keep your wrists straight

Ensure your wrists are in a nice straight line as you lightly grip the bars. If you see creases in your wrists, they’re not straight enough.

Do your fingers go numb when you’re on your bike for a while? Keeping your wrists straight allows your arms to help pitch in and alleviates strain on your wrists and may eliminate problems with your fingers going numb.

Watch the video

We’re running a series of Cycle Oregon Training Tips all season long. Cycle Oregon’s week-long ride is September 12-19 and the weekend ride is July 10-12. Sign up today at CycleOregon.com.

Read more tips on preparing for a multi-day ride here >>

105 Temps for Petal Pedal


There are many bike events happening this weekend, and one of the largest (clothed) events is Petal Pedal, a gorgeous ride in the Willamette Valley.

The organizers have gone the extra mile this year to combat the heat. They’re offering iced mochas at the finish line, ice at every rest stop and iced water in all the support vehicles. There are plenty of opportunities to ditch your course and cut the ride short so should you find yourself dreaming of that chilled Hopworks beer sooner than you anticipated, you can always head for the barn and cool off among the roses at The Oregon Garden.

Also, it gets much cooler once you climb up to Silver Falls so if you’re on the 100 or 60 mile courses, you’ll have a brief respite at that gorgeous, scenic stopping point.

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