Petal Pedal Bike Ride in Oregon

The Portland Bicycle Show (Pedal Nation)

Bicycles are taking over the Expo Center for The Portland Bicycle Show, the annual gigantic bicycle exhibition. Companies come from all over the country to showcase their latest and most inspired products and ideas. The event is an opportunity to see, ride and learn all under one roof.

Highlights include great deals on gear, apparel, accessories and equipment; the Hopworks Bar Bike serving beer all day long, a huge Oregon handmade bicycle show, the Pimp’d Bike showcase and seminars and workshops by local experts. Kids can test ride bikes and practice their beginner skills in the Little Nutty Kids Zone by Nutcase Helmets. There is also a test ride demo area for adults. Hang out, browse the booths or check out the special features like the Urban Riders Fashion Show, Gold Sprints Roller Races, bike fitting Demo by Sunset Cycles and demos by professional free-riders, BMX flatlanders and professional trials riders.

Don’t miss this annual extravaganza of the very coolest in bike accessories, action and companies.

Portland Bike Club members save with two-for-one entry and a special invitation to the industry-only night party. MORE INFO >>



Cross-Up is the sixth event in a series of creative bike events hosted by Amanda Sundvor, an enthusiastic bike rider who wants to bring together bikers of all stripes. Amanda doesn’t play the one-discipline game with her events as she mixes styles and encourages people to try different modes in unconventional settings. She describes Cross-Up as a sort of indoor super-cross.

This rowdy event promises to be entertaining for spectators and participants. Winning competitors will be awarded a free bike, but bystanders also stand a chance of scoring the prizes that that will be tossed into the crowd. The course will be a challenging indoor circuit with sweet jumps and just enough variety to mix things up on a very short loop. The event takes place at the , a newly-forming indoor bike park slated to open to the public next summer. There will be food and beer on site. The race fee is $10 and its free to attend and cheer on competitors. Registration opens at 5:00pm.

By day Amanda is a bike mechanic at 21st Avenue Bikes in Portland, but in her spare time Amanda is always plotting and scheming the next great event. Amanda says she gets excited by concepts that takes the elitism and attitude out of competitive bike events and help more people have fun on two wheels.


Winter Riding Tips

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Even More Bicycles on Clinton Street

If you’ve taken a ride down in the Clinton neighborhood in Portland lately, you might have noticed a few colorful additions to this well-known bicycle street. The Clinton Street Bike Boulevard/Neighborhood Greenway Enhancement Project has been in the works since 2008 and has an awfully big name for a wonderfully simple idea: embracing the street’s role as a major street for cyclists.

According to PortlandOnline, Clinton Street is one of Portland’s oldest and most well established bicycle boulevards, with as many as 1,800 bikes per day along most sections. The site also reports that despite traffic calming tools such as roundabouts, speed bumps and bike boxes, there is still a high amount of auto-traffic that cuts through the street. By adding visual elements to the street, the City of Portland hopes to bring attention to bicycles, making them a priority in this neighborhood and heightening bicycle awareness.

Portland Bureau of Transportation and the Regional Arts & Culture Council combined forces and worked with local artists Brian Borrello and Matt Cartwright to create artful elements that would clearly communicate the nature of the street. The initial elements installed along the street are bright bike corrals and bicycle silhouettes on street signs.

Colorful front halves of real bikes, known as bike flags and badges, are mounted to utility poles and proclaim the neighborhood name. All these elements have been designed to be easily replicable in hopes that this project will be expanded to other neighborhoods.


Century Rides: What’s All the Fuss?

Riding a Century Bike Ride

In the cycling world, a century ride (100 miles) is the pinnacle distance to achieve – a crowning moment of pride. If you’ve never completed a century but think this just might be your summer do to it, we’re here to be the tailwind that helps you cruise through those miles.

Organized rides are a great way to achieve a century. Support along the way means you don’t have to carry much of anything and rest stops will keep you well fueled. And the finish line parties most rides have are a great motivator to keep you cranking.

It’s easiest to reach your 100 mile goal with solid riding and some training. Start by riding nearly daily, even if it’s just to work and back. Head out on the weekends of for longer rides. Going the distance doesn’t require going fast, but it does require stamina. Keep riding and push yourself to go further than you have before.

Reward yourself! This means your muscles, body and your mind. Stretch gently after your ride, nourish yourself with healthy foods and reward yourself with tasty treats. Don’t be shy about taking an extra serving of pie.

You can do it! We look forward to hearing from those of you who are riding your first centuries. Tell us about it on Twitter @ORbike or send us an email,


Bike Group Spotlight: Belligerants

The Belligerants - Portland's All-Schwinn Bike Group

The Belligerants - Portland's All-Schwinn Bike GroupIt’s summertime which means you’ll be seeing a lot more of Portland’s all-Schwinn bike gang the Belligerantes, and this year they’re celebrating their 15th Anniversary.

These retro-loving riders roll out to events, cycling or not, all over town. The Belligerantes love participating in parades and any opportunity to show off their sweet bikes and stylish riding tricks. They arrive in style and park their bikes in one neat line, like Harley riders.

The Belligerantes’ signature bike features dramatically high ape handlebars on an old Schwinn, known as the Mega-Ray. Their club motto is “If it ain’t Schwinn, don’t bring it in” but, truth be told, they say they have a soft spot in their hearts for all bike enthusiasts and as long as you’re on a bike, they’ll welcome you like family.


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