Cargo Bikes Abound

Considering a cargo bike? It used to be there was only one readily-available option in the region, the bikes built by CAT in Eugene. These days, there are plenty of options with even more available in other countries.

Where to go

Locally, Clever Cycles and Splendid Cycles have positioned themselves as the cargo bike experts. Both of these shops have friendly staff and extensive collections of bikes. Clever Cycles was the first shop to start importing Bakfiets, traditional Dutch cargo bikes.

Where to start

Start by looking around the web at the variety of cargo bikes that exist, many of which are listed below. Ask around to friends to get their opinions. If you know someone with a cargo bike, take it for a test ride. Once you’ve honed in more on what you think you want head to the shops to ask questions and test tide.

How to buy

A cargo bike is a big investment, one you’ll want to have for a while. Take your time selecting the bike that is right for you. It’s okay to test ride them all, and ride them more than once. When visiting shops, bring a list of questions and don’t leave until you have all the answers you need.


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  1. jinchan yoon says:

    I am from South Korea. I very glad to have your web site.
    someday, I will have it or more………..Cargo bike lover!!!

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