Why Ride an eBike

It’s not cheating – electric assist can be a make it or break it option for many riders.

Dark Tunnels of the Route of the Hiawatha

Just a day trip away from Oregon is one of the most outstanding rails-to-trails, a rain line converted to a riding path.

B is for Bike Bingo!

This Thursday you could win a sweet Felt Cruiser.

Cascade Cream Puff Spotlight: Clara Terrell

At this venerable race where the Alpine Trail regularly crushes souls, contender Clara Terrell comes out on top.

Mt. Adams Country Bike Tour

With striking mountain views and sun-drenched courses, this close-to-Portland ride is not to be missed.

It’s True, You Can Be a Superhero

Hey ladies! Your time has come to shine.

Cyclo Femme – Riding Strong

The Cyclo Femme movement is taking the world by storm!

Cycle Oregon Training: 5 Riding Tips

Sometimes it’s hard to find the time for your training rides, so we put together a list of five easy tips – no excuses now!

All About Fondos

What the F is a Fondo? And why you will want to ride two of Oregon’s best this summer.

Get Ready to Get Dapper!

Get ready to get dapper this weekend!

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