Loving Your Lube

This Valentine’s day got me thinking about lubricant. Oh you. Not that kind!

Bike Spa: Winter TLC for Your Bike

Cut your cleaning time in half, do a more thorough job with less hassle. Simply wash those cares away with the Spa Method!

The Inconvenient (Flat) Truth

How to best arm yourself for puncture repair

Is it Time to Go to School?

Recent United Bicycle Institute graduate Robert Underhill demystifies bike school.

Fight the February Funk

Learn how to be a Bike Hero.

Ride Ready

MAINTENANCE: Take the time NOW to be prepared for your summer rides.

What to Check Before you Go

Been a while since your bike got fresh air?

Mechanics’ Dreams

What the mechanics with you did. Headed to the bike shop? Brush up on your shop etiquette to get the most out of your visit and make your wrenches happy.

Inflation Station

Think you know how to pump it up? Think again. Myth vs. fact by our resident mechanic Bortman.

You Need to Lube

If you can hear it, so can others.


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