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5 Tips for Training Success


Get on the bike, stay on the bike.

Ode to Winter Riding


Let’s embrace the season. With a hot toddy, perhaps.

The Case for Riding Defensively


There’s no magic padding, be smart.

Disc Brake Lowdown, Part 2

what kinds of disc brakes are best

Should you go for hydraulic or mechanical disc brakes? Expert mechanic Tori Bortman explains.

Fostering the Next Generation

Happy Kid in a Bike Trailer

How do you ensure your kid will love biking?

8 Tips for Effective Cycling


Make the most of your ride.

Gear Tips


Tips that help you have a happier, well outfitted ride – the best bike gear makes a difference

Getting Your Friends Riding


Top tips for getting someone on a bike – it’s all about INSPIRATION and FUN!

Joyride Cycling Tips for Women: Enjoy the Ride!


We put together our favorite tips for ensuring you’re well prepared on Ride Day.

Biking With Kids


Ideas for getting started – and learning more.

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