Fender Clearing Bounce

The easiest way to clean gunk and junk out of your fenders. No tools required.

Scary Wet Leaves

Helpful tips on biking through wet leaves from the Bicycle Transportation Alliance.

Cycle Oregon Training Tips: Cadence

Just a little something to think about…

Route Planning for a European Bike Tour

Planning a European bike adventure isn’t as tricky as you might think. Expert tourer Tyler Robertson shares his top 5 tips for planning a bike trip in Europe.

Ugly Ducklings of the Bike World

Recumbents get more people riding bikes. That’s a fact.

Cycle Oregon Training Tips: Training Matters

A little bit of training goes a long way.

Cycle Oregon Training Tips: Comfort

Say goodbye to those aches and pains.

Cycle Oregon Training Tips: Core

If you’re planing on ride a multi-day ride like Cycle Oregon, now is the time to start building your core strength.

Cycle Oregon Training Tips: Hills

Love them or hate them, eventually hills are inevitable when you’re getting into distance rides, especially on a multi-day ride like Cycle Oregon. For those of you who absolutely hate rides, a little preparation – both mentally and physically – will go a long way. Top 5 Tips for Conquering Hills Are you a hill hater? Don’t worry, eventually hills get easier. You may never grow to love them, but hopefully you won’t dread them as much as you do now. 1. Don’t Dread the…

Cycle Oregon Training Tips: Hands

4 smart tips for where to put your hands.


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