Designer Creates Bike-Specific Clothing Line

What to wear is too often a barrier to bicycling and many dresses just aren’t made to go by bike. Designer Caitlin McCall knows because she’s tried them all. Inspired by European bike culture and informed by her own dressed-up escapades through Amsterdam and Berlin on a rusty cruiser, the Portland-native took matters into her own hands. Applying her fine arts background and apparel experience with new purpose, Caitlin founded Quick Study in 2013.

Made in Portland, her bike-friendly designs feature clever details and formal silhouettes in textiles that withstand work, play and the often fickle weather of the Pacific Northwest. Caitlin spends her time designing in the Quick Study attic studio, testing prototypes as she bikes around the city. As a bicycle advocate, she hopes her line will inspire more women to start pedaling.

This is clothing for women on the go from work to meetings to shows to dinner and shopping – and it is perfectly suited to the rides in between. The initial collections really stand out with their dresses for functionality and style. The line is available on the Quick Study website.

To promote the bikeability of her wares, Caitlin is rolling out a series of profiles stylish women who ride bikes. We’ll be featuring a few of these profiles in the coming weeks.

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2 Responses to “Designer Creates Bike-Specific Clothing Line”
  1. TrinaTri says:

    I like what I’m seeing. I wish you all the best of luck, Quick Study, and look forward to seeing your next moves.

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