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How do you stay warm and dry (and happy!) on your bike all winter long?

We’re sharing tips and resources throughout the season. Follow the #KeepRiding thread for a wealth of information from veteran riders who’ve weathered many a winter storm, and came out smiling, dry and happy to share their tales (and tips and tricks).

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How do you stay warm and dry all winter long? Share your wisdom below and on any of the #KeepRiding articles.

How do you stay warm and dry on your bike all winter long? We’re running an extensive series of articles with everyday cycling tips to help you #KeepRiding no matter what the elements throw our way. You can view the entire series here and follow us on Twitter and Instagram for even more cool ideas. Hash tag your posts #KeepRiding and inspire more people to ride their bikes this winter.

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10 Responses to “#KeepRiding”
  1. GeraldFitt says:

    For anyone who has hands that get cold easily, you may want to consider mittens instead of regular gloves. Wool is a good option because it keeps your hands warm even if the gloves get a little wet, and wool mittens generally aren’t overly bulky. I personally have cheap nylon mittens that are water resistant. The bulkier the mittens, the more difficulty you’ll have using your hands for braking and shifting gears.

  2. David P. says:

    Layers are key. thermals, pants, then a rain/snow layer when necessary. same for up top. avoid cotton. synthetics and wools are better underneath a softshell or hardshell. mittens that act as a shell with a liner of your choice are super warm and flexible. wool socks. for the head i use a fleece balaclava and a smartwool gaiter on top. gives me options for varying degress and conditions. i think the key to staying warm and happy is having clothing that allows you to move freely and also bundle/abandon when weather changes. don’t overthink it tho. just be prepared for a little variance.

  3. Adam H. says:

    How do I stay warm riding in the winter? I moved from Chicago to Portland. 😉

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