5 Simple Nutrition Tips

Nutrition Tips for Cyclists

Getting the right foods for your body can seem overwhelming. There is no shortage of nutritional advice online, but what is right for someone else may not be right for you. If you’re riding a lot this summer, your body will thank you for a well-balanced diet to compliment the exercise.

  1. Keep it fresh. The less processed, the better.
  2. Ride to eat, eat to ride. If you’ve got cravings, go with it. Moderate intake of your favorite indulgent treats can be healthy when balanced with solid riding.
  3. Hit the farmer’s market (maybe a ride/drive out to Sauvie Island is in order…). Load up on the season’s abundant fruits and veggies while you can.
  4. Prepare ahead. Making a healthy dinner? Make double so you’ll have a meal ready to go for later in the week.
  5. Check your bars. Some snack/nutritional bars are formulated to give you a concentration of calories for training, but if you’re just casually distance riding they could lead to packing on the pounds instead. Others are loaded with sugar.
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  1. David Cascadden says:

    Check out Sherwood Valley Juice Co. They make raw, whole food instant fruit and vegetable smoothies that work great pre or post ride. Blend them up in a water bottle. They come in individual packets. Great sustainable energy.

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