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Leaving the car behind

The Bike Love documentary follows one woman’s transition to a bike lifestyle.

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Fender Up!

All you need to know about fenders. We’ve compared clip-on, clamp-on, full fenders.

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You Need to Lube

If you can hear it, so can others.


What Was Portland Critical Mass?

A reflection on Portland Critical Mass, 20 years later.


Spooktacular Bike Ride

Get wacky and spooky and haunt the streets of Portland by bike.


Maker Profile: Sacro-Bosco

Sacro-Bosco: Portland Interview with William Cress Website >> Why make wooden wheels? My first experience of wooden rims started when I purchased an old 1890’s track bicycle. The rims were beautiful, over 100 years old and still in fair condition. After reconditioning the hubs, cleaning and re-truing the wheels – My business partner Eric Brockman and I threw on some retro looking tubulars and we were hooked. I decided to try and replicate the wheels that we had on this bicycle. After a lot of…


Maker Profile: Thursday Cycles

His BMX bikes are unbreakable

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Hilarious: Halloween on a Bike

What are you wearing on October 31?

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