Sorella Forte Women’s

We lead women-only rides from River City Bicycles in Portland every Saturday. These rides are geared to (no pun intended) the intermediate rider. If you are brand new to cycling, the pace and ride length will probably exceed your limits. You can always come try us out with the option of turning back if need be. So what is the pace? Typical (total ride) average speed is 15-17 mph — faster than a recreational cruise, but almost always conversational pace….well, except for the hills. How…

NW Trail Sisters Training Thursdays!

The NW Trail Sisters are kicking off their Training Thursdays! Join us at the Lumberyard at 6 for a little shred sesh.  Then we’ll regroup at 7 for snacks, drinks and a chat with Elaine Bothe to chat about off season cross-training. Elaine is a MTB coach and has developed a winter training program for her clients.  She’s going to share a little of her wisdom and also fill you in on the other upcoming Training Thursdays we’ve got planned for you (think yoga, spinning,…

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