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The Best Bike Pumps


Not all bike pumps are created equal. I discovered this when an old hosuemate moved out, took my dual-direction pump and left his cruddy generic behind. Seven years later I’m still using that pump. And no, that doesn’t make it a good pump just because it lasted. I have to fight to disconnect from the valve, the connection is finicky and the gauge doesn’t work. Plus, it’s shraeder only and I’ve got presta. Yes, I have the adapters but what a pain.

Am I being unreasonably difficult here? I don’t think so. I think everyone who rides regularly deserves a great pump – one that connects smoothly, disconnects without knicking up the knuckles, gauges accurately and *gasp* doesn’t fall over all the time.

Full potentially embarrassing disclosure: I’ve been dreaming of such a bike pump for years but I haven’t done anything about it. I also air up my tires less often than I should because of the hassle factor.

Now I’m ready to make the leap forward, to make airing up my tires a quick and rewarding task that doesn’t make me late for my appointments.

The question is, what is that magic pump I seek?

What is your favorite floor pump? Share your thoughts here and help me select the best one as my birthday gift to myself (June 19th).

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