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2017 was an incredible year for bike rides in our region, but it was not without difficulty. Wildfires forced the cancellation of several beloved rides and many others have to scramble with last minute re-routes and alternate planning.

We’re sending a huge THANK YOU out to all the ride organizers who provide fantastic riding experiences in our region. We know their job isn’t easy and we sure-do appreciate their hard work to create fantastic rides.

What Were Your Favorites?

Did you ride any supported rides this year? What were your faves?

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Other Rides

Don’t see your favorite listed above? Add it in the comments below and we’ll count your vote!


  • Paid rides
  • Supported
  • Non-competitive
  • Has a distance option of more than 20 miles
  • Offers regularly stationed rest stops and a finish line celebration
  • Is located in the Oregon region – a start location Oregonians can reasonably drive to.

2016 Favorites

See the results from the 2016 awards here >

COMMENTS (not votes) Below

We love hearing from riders about this season’s rides! But just remember – a comment left below is not a vote for your favorite ride, so be sure to use the voting form above.

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35 Responses to “Vote for the Best Supported Bike Rides!”
  1. Trevor says:

    Swift Summit 200/100

  2. Jaimie says:

    Swift Summit 200/100

  3. Mark Biedrzycki says:

    Swift Summit 100/200

  4. Sarah Fishler Rice says:

    Swift Summit 200!

  5. Kraig Pauli says:

    I would like to vote for the Swift Summit 200/100 ride for best rides of 2017. First year of the event and very well run.

  6. Rylab says:

    Swift Summit NW! New and extraordinarily well-organized century and double-century ride, in the Lebanon / Sweet Home area, so beautiful. Going to try to double-century next year! I believe it’s in August.

  7. A says:

    Swift 200/100 was my best ride

  8. Some Guy says:

    I’m disappointed to see that only paid rides meet the requirements for this.

  9. Charles Altekruse says:

    BikeVentures Northwest – great, great trip. It blew away our group of Olympians, Cycle Oregon veterans, and accomplished cyclists. Beautiful, uncluttered routes. Great support and logistics. Super Fun – Thanks to Craig and his BVN gang!

  10. Janet says:

    Ride the Rogue in Rogue River OR is a fun beautiful ride with many mileage options.

  11. Scott Weishaar says:

    Although not listed, the Eola Hills Wine Rides are one of my favorites as well. Smaller groups with short and long ride options. The post-ride buffet and the lunch rest stop are fantastic.

  12. M. Roy says:

    I’m shocked that the SBC Peach of a Century and the WVBC Covered Bridge Tour were not listed as choices.

    Since I seemed to have only one “other” choice I had to flip a coin on those two.

  13. Rann Millar says:

    Why is the Covered Bridge Bicycle Club not on your list of rides in Oregon? We have had the event almost 40 years now.
    Rann Millar, President, Mid Valley Bicycle Club, Corvallis, OR

  14. Sarah says:

    CHaFE 150

  15. Dean Shapiro says:

    Easily the best ride in the Portland area is the Friends of the Historic Columbia River Highway ride from The Dalles to Hood River and return. A mere 40 miles but the scenery is unparalelled, the ride well organized and the rest stops are almost a feast! The ride up and down Rowena Point is worth the price of admission alone!

  16. Bellal says:

    Such an arrangement certainly inspired people to ride bike and others people or organisation might be interested to make such a new occasion.I like to if we think and want to keep fit physically and mentally should participate in this bike riding arrangement as well as make a new bike riding festival.

  17. ML Moore says:

    Up & Down is a new ride out of Ashland. It’s great!

  18. Deanna says:

    CROC in Pendleton is a great three day bike adventure. will do it again next year, even if I don’t do any other rides.

  19. Looking for a great, fully supported ride? Let me recommend the Tour de Fronds. There is a choice of 7 rides, 5 asphalt and 2 asphalt/gravel. The rides range from 30 miles to 103 miles, with varying degrees of difficulty, in other words a ride for the novice to the experienced cyclist. The scenery is incredible and the community support is outstanding.
    We were humbled by the support of our riders who voted us #1 last year. We appreciate any and all support for this year’s ORBike contest.
    Come join us on June 16 for the 2018 ride.

  20. Gary Baty says:

    I agree with Donna Freeman. Tour de Fronds is a great ride. The volunteers/support staff are great from start to finish. The views can’t be beat and the after ride meal is wonderful. You are really made to feel welcome and appreciated.

  21. Alan says:

    Tour De Fronds is still the best bike ride I have been on. The support, the water stop, and the lunch at the end was unmatched by any other ride.

  22. Tour de Fronds! The best supported bike ride in Oregon. The variety of rides is Amazing! All levels of riders are welcome. The remote beauty of the area is Astounding!

  23. Keith Williams MD says:

    The hardest Super Century I ever loved! Spectacular scenery, lovely people, amazing food, and lots of climbing. Blue skies, lush roadside ferns and rhododendrons in bloom, towering firs, lots of running water, and plenty of climbing ! Powers, Oregon really puts on a show ! Did I mention the climbing ?

  24. Jean Ann Edsall says:

    Our entire family participated in the Tour de Fronds in 2016….we will be back! This is hands-down the best ride in Oregon…the whole town supports the effort, the scenery is magnificent, the camping awesome and something for everyone. A very well-supported ride.

  25. Devin Koontz says:

    Swift Summit 200/100! The best ride hands down!!! Shall we mention he inspirational quotes we got in the months heading up to the race? The one of a kind poem we got when we registered? The beautiful route and the inspiring challenge to push ourselves further? This was my first century, and all I can say is when all of us finished our 100 or 200 mile routes we were already planning to come back the next year!!! I can’t wait!

  26. Misha Fuller says:

    Hello! Please add the Mohawk Valley Metric Century to the list!

  27. Jon Buckley says:

    So many people who live north of Eugene and west of Bend don’t even realize there is an actual state that exists south of them. It’s a shame really, but also nice to not have the metropolitan traffic issues and obnoxious trendy attitudes. I digress…the BEST ride in Oregon is actually the Tour de Fronds, anyone who has never ridden it, should just keep on ignoring it, I don’t want the competition for my camp site and pickles.

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