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Whatever Winter Throws Our Way, We Ride On


This little hash tag means so much to us.

We started the #KeepRiding campaign to encourage people to ride their bikes all winter long. We’re providing resources throughout the season here on and on Twitter. Tune in to learn more.


Winter Riding doesn’t necessarily mean you have to be hardcore and trudge through the dreary weather Every.Single.Day. No, we’re not purists. We believe that simply hopping on your bike once a week or so can do wonders for stretching your legs, for your health and definitely for your outlook on life.

That’s why we’re dedicated a lot of our energy to sharing ideas an inspiration to help you stay motivated to ride your bike this winter. And what a great winter to get started; it has been rather mild and dry overall.


What holds you back from riding? The dark? The cold? The rain? Share your frustrations below.

What motivates you to ride? Is it a beer after work? A hot bath? Take-out dinner? Share your ideas below.

We want to hear from you! join the conversation, and #KeepRiding!


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One Response to “Whatever Winter Throws Our Way, We Ride On”
  1. Loves2Bike says:

    I feel better when I bike. And I know I’m setting a good example for my kids. Whenever I struggle to bike and ultimately choose the car, something goes wrong like traffic, can’t find a parking spot, the weather turns out to be gorgeous, etc. Gotta always remember that!!

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