12 Adventure Ideas for the Summer

Summer is one of the most anticipated seasons all year. Maybe it’s because school is out or the fact that it’s so hot making for a perfect excuse to go out to the beach.


Whatever it is, summer is a beloved time of the year filled with potential things to do. If you’re struggling to think of an idea for adventures to do this summer, below is a list of things you can do.

1. Learn a new cuisine

Find a cuisine or several dishes that you have never tried before and make it.  The more challenging it is, the more fun. Even the process of scouring for ingredients at the grocery  will become a great adventure!

2. Pick apples

Go to your nearest orchard and pick a whole bunch of apples! This goes very well with the tip above. If you know a few good recipes, make a meal with friends and enjoy a nice meal together. Apple pie is always a good idea and make for a perfect summer treat!

3. Go on a hike

Work off those calories you gained from the cookoff by going on a hike. Go to your nearest state park and explore nature. You can make this date a multi-day activity where you both camp out underneath the stars for the next few days, or just make it a day thing. Whatever you prefer!

4. Make a bonfire

Snuggle up in front of a bonfire and grill s’mores with your buddies. You can even have them bring their significant others and friends with them to make the evening event more fun and social. If you don’t have a bonfire, a fireplace acts as a good replacement. Share stories with each other while enjoying the cozy warmth of the fire.

5. Rent a boat for the afternoon

Impress your friends with a boat rental and go wherever you please whether it’s the beach or the lake. Make a stop in the middle of the ocean or somewhere scenic and enjoy a nice picnic with your companions. What could be more fun than spending some time on the water with a rented boat?

6. Rent a bicycle for two

If boating is not your thing, you can just go biking. Doesn’t make it any less fun. In fact, it’s nice to ride along this warm weather. So go ahead and rent a bike and make a plan on the routes you’ll be cycling into.

7. Go on a road trip

Enjoy the beautiful view of the countryside during this season by going on a road trip. If it’s a long drive, take turns with friends on the wheel. Bring some snacks and drinks along with you so you have something to consume in between stops.

8. Get coffee

Starbucks released their pumpkin spice latte earlier than the usual this year, so even if it’s only summer, you can already start enjoying your favorite fall drink! This gives you a good excuse to head to the coffee shop and grab yourself a nice warm latte with a friend. It doesn’t even have to be Starbucks. You can go to the coziest cafe in your area and hang around there all afternoon.

9. Head to a karaoke bar

Get loose and sing your heart out at a karaoke bar. Take turns singing your favorite songs. Yes, even the Celine Dion hits.

10. Wine tasting

If you have a knack for wine, why not do some wasting? No need to go out of town for those expensive wine tours. Just do it at your own home. Pick up some inexpensive wine bottles at the store and whip out your wine glasses. Don’t forget to buy some cheese and crackers to pair your wine with. You can sit outside your patio, taking sips while enjoying the nice, warm weather.

11. Create a new cocktail

A twist on the previous tip, this one involves a little bit more creativity. Grab whatever liquor you can find in your house along with some basic cocktail ingredients (juice, lime, mint, etc.) and try to concoct a delicious cocktail. Play nice music in the background while you’re at it.

12. Shop for summer outfits

Going on break this summer? Why not take this opportunity to go shopping for outfits you’re going to wear for the holiday. Plan first the outfits you want to wear and bring along some friends who can help you decide which items you should get. Even if you end up not buying one, it’s still a fun therapy trying new clothes on.


What other fun adventure ideas do you recommend for this summer? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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