2018: The Year of the Gravel Ride

Riding gravel is nothing new, but this is the first year that we are starting to see a a few significant non-competitive gravel rides. And that has us rather excited!

Gravel races have been happening for a while now and plenty of cyclists love to crunch gravel, but it wasn’t until the Art of Survival Century unveiled their new (and amazing) gravel routes that we started to see options for those of us who love supported events.

Now Cycle Oregon, the multi-day ride experience experts, are launching Gravel, and everything about the event looks intriguing. The action takes place in the Tillamook State Forest, a coastal forest retreat. So close to Portland, yet so far away from it all.

If you’re new to riding gravel, Gravel by Cycle Oregon is an excellent way to season your gravel-ready legs. The organizers are well known for their top-notch support, friendly volunteers and awesome after-ride festivities.

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