What is a World Class Bike City?

What would it take to transform where you live into a world class neighborhood for people on bikes?

Picture the safest, most accessible and most forward thinking bicycle-oriented transportation system in the world. Now imagine yourself in that system, doing the things you normally do every day. When you go to work, what type of street would you be taking? How would your kids be getting to school? Think about going to the park with your family, talking a walk with your parents, going grocery shopping and what these activities would look like in a world class city.

The Bicycle Transportation Alliance wants to hear your priorities for building a world class network of bicycle facilities in the Portland Metropolitan region.

You know your streets and neighborhoods better than anyone, so they’re suggesting you make a video to showcase your ideas. Go to the spot that needs fixing and make a 20 second piece telling who you are, where you are and what needs fixing, then submit it to the BTA. You can watch the videos of other people on their website or take a survey to share your ideas.


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