5 Tips for Halloween by Bike


Halloween is here, our favorite time of the year at ORbike headquarters. Why? Costumes. People leave their day-to-day lives for a minute and become whomever they want, even if just for one (epic?) night. You can head over to a buddy’s for drinks, hit up a killer dance party, make pumpkin soup at home, trick-or-treat with the kiddos or curl up with a good book – but for bejeezus sake, however you partake in Halloween this year, please do so in costume.

There’s really nothing more thrilling than riding a bike around the city in a costume. Like that one time I dressed as Waldo from “Where’s Waldo?” and people kept shouting and pointing at me “There he is!” Grinning. Ear to ear.

New to biking in costume? Here are the basics.

  1. CAPES FLUTTER – Consider a costume that involves a cape so it can dramatically billow out behind you and make you look like the superhero you know you have deep down inside you.
  2. LONG DRAPEY FABRIC GETS CAUGHT – Be sure you have a way to tie up any fabric that could otherwise get caught in your wheel or gears. You want to be able to ride carefree.
  3. LIGHTS GALORE! – Not only are tons of lights super fun, being visible is even more important on a distracting holiday. Make yourself unmistakably visible out there. Bonus points if a lit up bike goes with your costume theme (is it your Starship Enterprise? You personal disco party?)
  4. RALLY FRIENDS – It’s way more fun to hit the streets in costume if you’re surrounded by an equally ridiculous lot – make yourselves a spectacle. Oh, and safety in numbers on dark nights with even more intoxicated drivers on the road.
  5. HELMET OR WIG? BOTH! – A wig is no substitution for a helmet, so we recommend you wear the wig on TOP of the helmet, and switch the wig to your head proper just before you head into the party. It’s way more ridiculous to ride around town with your wig showing, but the helmet is the smart way to ride on a dark night light Halloween.

What’s your costume?

So, how do you plan to dress for Halloween? Share your costume ideas below (and help me out, I haven’t decided yet!)

Photo courtesy of Bike Pretty

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