Winter Riding is Fun

5 Tips to Keep Riding

It’s a typical fall here in Oregon: deceptively somewhat dry at first. While it’s tempting to cruise through this season riding like it’s fall all over again, the reality is that a rainy winter is probably still
to come.

You know us. We love to help you keep riding. So let’s take a moment to talk winter riding, even though it doesn’t feel like it out there.

As winter approaches, many bikers tense up, get nervous and think of winter biking as an involved process. It doesn’t need to be. Here are five easy tips to keep you happy and on your bike.

  1. Invest in good rain gear. 100% waterproof and breathable. At minimum: shoe covers (booties), pants, jacket, gloves. A waterproof shell glove or mitten to cover your standard gloves is a great option.
  2. Hang your gear in a convenient place where it can dry out over night. When you’re gear is ready to go in the morning, you will be too. No excuse not to ride!
  3. Reward yourself, you’ve earned it. After a particularly cold and wet ride, you deserve a hot toddy.
  4. Give yourself extra time. It stinks (literally) to rush into a meeting as you’re stripping off your rain gear, a frenzy of dirt and water trailing behind. Taking just five minutes to compose yourself and hang your gear will allow you to
    walk into your meeting (or party) with all the confidence of a relaxing summer ride.
  5. Go easy on yourself. You’ll skip a ride here and there, and that’s okay. Focus on the days you do ride and don’t beat yourself up about the ones you miss.
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