A Biker Brings Brazil to Portland

Augusto Carvalho Dias came from a coffee farm family in Brazil to attend the University of Portland. After spending years putting his degree to work, he realized his true calling wasn’t engineering.

Inspired by a passion for amazing coffee, social responsibility and a love of cycling, he began a new chapter in this larger family tradition. In 2006, Augusto launched Nossa Familia Coffee and began sponsoring local bike events, including the Portland Century, Petal Pedal and Cycle Oregon, to showcase his rich Brazilian brew. He has hosted several mt. bike tours of his families coffee farms and continues to ride his bike as much as possible.

In 1890, nestled beside an ancient Brazilian volcano, Augusto’s great-great-grandparents planted the family’s first coffee crop. They developed methods of cultivation in response to their environment. Without electricity or automobiles, everything was done by hand, with much care. Over a century later, these same methods are both heritage and day-to-day realities.

Now Augusto dreams of opening a bike-friendly Brazilian espresso bar here in Portland, to serve his family traded coffee and share his culture. This farm-direct coffee enjoying experience will be a unique treat for Portland coffee lovers.

To help fund this project, Nossa Familia is raising funds through Kickstarter. Watch the video to learn more. You can make a donation here. (see project update below the video)


Thanks to ORbike readers, coffee and beer lovers all around Oregon, Nossa Familia successfully reached their goal! In fact, they exceeded it by an additional $7,000. Now, we can’t wait to bike on over and savor that first Brazilian espresso. We’ll keep you posted on their progress.

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