A Cool Ride

It’s not really something we think of at this time of year, but riding in the heat can have serious health consequences. Extreme weather days can also cut into your training schedule. Equipecool is entering the very last phase of their Kickstarter campaign to fund the reaming development costs for a new headgear cooling system that keeps cyclists cool – and on the road – even in extreme temperatures.

The designers call it “active head cooling, not circulated warm (fan) air” and taut decreasing temperatures of about 20-25 degrees, no small feat.

Lead Designer Larry Wahl has extensive experience in the cooling department, and he is eager to bring his latest project to fruition. “I have been working to keep athletes, soldiers and workers safer in the heat for many years, but this is by far my most exciting project and a great leap forward for cycling in the heat.”


Meet the designers:

And for those of you who like to geek out on the technical features:


As of press time, they’re about half way toward their goal of $8,500 to bring this product to market.


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