A Tale of Cyclocross

Once upon a time, when the summer warmth faded, the bright skies became cloudy and rain drops started to fall from above, bikers assumed it was not a good time to be riding or racing bikes. The pavement was surely too wet and dangerous for racing, and who would want to come out to watch, anyway?

This was the time of year known as Hibernation. A select hearty few bikers continued to ride to work or log miles on the weekends, but most of the species retreated to their dens for book reading, blanket curling up and TV watching – the proper winter activities for such an animal.

But one year, it was suggested that people ride their bikes really fast through the mud, even if that meant getting extremely dirty, cold and stuck in the muck. So the bikers tried it, and they liked it! And their friends came out to watch! To cut through the din of the rain, they rang cowbells. To combat the mud, they donned Wellingtons. And somehow, magically, everyone had the best time.

Winter in Oregon was forever changed as the biker species evolved to this new activity – cyclocross.

Maybe this is your year to work yourself into The Great Tale of Oregon Cyclocross, home to what are widely regarded as the best races.

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