A Trail from Post Canyon?

Want a trail from Post Canyon directly into the Gorge? Northwest Trails Alliance, the Portland-based trails organization, is spearheading an effort to make this vision a reality.

Here’s a note from the organization:

Imagine bike packing from Hood River into Post Canyon, down to the new Historic Highway to Wyeth, camping at one of the new hiker/biker campsites and then riding the new 30-mile CLIMB mountain bike trail before licking your wounds on the three-mile EasyCLIMB. Vision turns to reality with your help.

NWTA and HRATs are working toward the vision one step at a time and are an active member of the Gorge Recreation Coalition and we also have representation on the Oregon State Parks Advisory Committee. Now is the time to set the plan in stone by providing your comments to Oregon State Parks and Recreation as part of the Gorge Parks Planning process. Those of us in the advocacy world know two voices might get the ball rolling, but 100 voices can make things happen.

Parks makes giving your input easy, just review the recommendations:

  • OPRD Current Recommendations
  • Email comments to gorge.parksplan@state.or.us
  • More details >>

We have reviewed the plan information in detail and are working with Parks on the following ideas. The original recommendations did not have much Mountain Bike opportunity and your comments will help, so feel free to borrow and modify from below

Parks plan should include more soft-surface biking trail opportunities in the Parks in the Gorge to respond to the strong demand in the Gorge and close proximity to a large user-base that could reach them via the major state investment in the Historic Highway.

Develop a trail connection between Post Canyon, Wygant Trail and Mitchell Point trail head. This would be accomplished by rerouting the existing Mitchell Point trail and combine with Wygant Trail west up the next drainage to create a more sustainable and gentle trail suitable for bikes that has sufficient turns to keep speed low. The trail would connect to the Post Canyon trail via Mitchell Ridge at some point in the future when land ownership and access agreements are resolved. Parts of this trail exist but are in poor shape and need our eager hands to help.

Integrate trails suggested in the “Lower Post Canyon Trails Project” on Parks property into the planning process. A multi-agency group extensively studied the area and developed recommendations trail improvements that should be taken to the next level: Lower Post Canyon Trail Plan

Show your support for hiker-biker camping opportunities and facilities for bike packing adventures in the gorge.

NWTA/HRATS are deeply involved in advocacy to ensure you will have places to ride and build for the next 20 years? You are probably a member, but is your buddy? NWTA and HRATS could use your help, join, donate and volunteer and forward to your buddies.

Questions? Contact Andy: andyj@nw-trail.org

Thank you,
Northwest Trail Alliance

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