Are You Feeling Lucky?

This year has been a great year to be a cyclists. There are more supported rides than ever in our region. The weather has been good. The hot days were bearable, the rain was mild and quite often there was a tailwind. Well, that was my experience, anyway.

Where did your riding and travel adventures take you this summer?

If you escaped this summer without major aches, pains or injuries, you’re one of the lucky ones. Riding a bike is a sport just like any other. And while it’s generally extremely gentle on our bodies, injuries do still happen. This time of year is when you want to assess how things went for your body this summer. If you have pains, of your shoulders became fatigued at mile 70, if something just wasn’t quite right with your left knee, if you developed back pain or if any other ailments crept up on you, a bike fit is in order. An expert fitter can help assess what’s happening in your body on your bike over hour and miles.

Biking is a delicious sport because the gentle motion means we can ride blissfully into our older years. Those of us who are stubborn often feel that a little pain is par for the course, but it doesn’t have to be. Specifically sharp pain. A bike fit expert can help eliminate discomfort and keep you happy on your bike.

Yes, it’s going to cost you. A very good bike fit should run $125-$300. And I’ve never encountered anyone who regretted his or her bike fit afterwards.

Once you get your initial assessment, you should be prepared to make some adjustments to your bike. This may be as simple as moving your saddle and adjusting your cleats, but chances are you may need to swap out handlebars or buy new parts.

You ride. You love to ride. You want to ride more. You want to go further. And you want to be more comfortable.

A bike fit is well worth the expense. You very well may get quite a while out of your bike fit before it’s time for another. So take the plunge! Invest in this expert service that’s going to give you a more comfortable ride.

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