Base Training For a Successful Summer

In fitness, as in life, there’s an old adage that says “before you do intensity, you need to build your base.” While there are a few things to consider between individuals and training plans, this is basically true. Base training lays a strong foundation for the training and racing that follows, allowing you to reach your target events fully recovered and in top form. You’re less likely to incur an injury, too.

Build Your Fitness House

Think of your fitness as a house. The attic is peak form – the very top. The second floor is high-level VO2Max fitness (a measure of your capacity for aerobic work), while the first floor is lactate threshold fitness (LT). In order for all of this to stand up and for the structure to be unwavering, it needs a solid foundation. Your aerobic base is the foundation for your “fitness house.”

Endurance Level is King

So, does this mean that you ought to spend the whole winter riding around at nothing above your Endurance Level (often referred to as Level, or Zone 2)? Certainly not. What it means is that the bulk of your aerobic training, whether it is swim, bike or run, should be at your Endurance Level. It’s still important to do a bit of LT and VO2 work in the base-building period, because doing those boosts your aerobic fitness and also your ability to recover between workouts and, eventually, races. This can be done either in your primary sports, or in the gym, or even with some cross-training.

Base Period Week: An Example

Monday is almost always a good day to take complete rest after a weekend of long endurance workouts. On Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday, take an easy (Level 1) day. On the other two, choose one and make it your LT or VO2Max day. It’s only necessary to do one day per week of this type of training, at most. Also, it isn’t necessary to do more than one or the other in a given week – alternate weeks with one containing an LT workout and the next a VO2Max workout. Then, take Friday off and relax. You’ll be well on your way to building a solid endurance foundation.

When is This Important?

Now is the time to be thinking about strengthening your fitness house, and ideally all winter long. The dedication you put in now will pay off on your rides and in your racing all summer long.

Adnan is a USAC-certified Level 1 cycling coach who believes that in sport, as in life, it is important to strike a balance between the various aspects of what one does. Adnan has been a competitive cyclist and triathlete for nearly 25 years. His full-time coaching practice can be found at

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