Bike Friendly Watering Holes

We refused to believe that summer is over, and we want to soak in all the last drops. What are you doing after work? If you rode your bike in, why not swing by a local watering hole for a pint? Lock up your bike and kick back on the patio. There perhaps is no better way to wind down after a long day.

Find a pub that’s not too far from home and on a popular bike route where you can watch throngs of your kinfolk pedaling their way home. Wave, raise your glass and give a cheers to the others who have made the wise decision to soak in summer by pedaling home from work.

A few of our Portland favorites with ample bike parking include:

Apex – 1216 SE Division

Bike parking is within the beer garden. The beer garden is larger than the indoor seating. The beer menu is gigantic and easy to follow. These guys have their priorities straight. Big thumbs up! Bonus: You can order from Los Gorditos next door and it’s served to you over the fence. HOT TIP: Both locations are cash only.

Hopworks Bike Bar – 3947 N Williams

Situated directly on the Williams Bike Superhighway. Hopworks loves bikers like no other bar. Check out all the cool bike-themed interior decorating.

Good Neighbor Pizzaria – 800 NE Dekum

This delicious pizza place doubles as a neighborhood bar with roll-up garage doors, a relaxed atmosphere and sidewalk seating. Grab a slice and a drink as you watch the sun set over the historic Firehouse building across the street in the quirky Woodlawn neighborhood. HOT TIP: The gigantic calzones are off the hook, and their non-pizza items are fantastic.

Lucky Lab NW, N and SE – 1945 NW Quimby, 7675 SW Capitol Hwy and 915 SE Hawthorne

Need a post-group ride watering hole? Lucky Labs are perfect. They’re rustic, casual and expansive with modular tables suited to large crowds. Plenty of easy bike parking.

Radio Room – 1101 NE Alberta Street

Ample bike parking out front right by the front door and separated from the street says, “Hello bikers, come on in!” The upstairs deck is awesome and the fire pit on the patio is perfect for those sunny after-work beers that magically turn into later-than-you-expected hangouts. The food menu is perfect for light snacks or a delicious dinner and the staff is friendly. There are four distinct seating areas, each with a different feel, and plenty of space for groups.

Roadside Attraction – 1000 SE 12th Ave

A creative, rambling, ramshackle bar filled with roadside treasures and patio nooks and crannies. Portlandia-worthy moments abound, and we mean that in a very good way. HOT TIP: Cash only.

Sweet Hereafter – 3326 SE Belmont St.

A fun location and a delightful patio await you. All vegan menu. BACKGROUND: This is the sister location to Bye and Bye on NE Alberta.

The Workshop – 2524 Southeast Clinton Street

Hang out on this popular bike corridor brimming with commuters. Proprietress Maggie serves up drinks with splash of sweet Southern charm at this tiny joint connected to the Clinton Street Theater, home to the bike film festival Filmed by Bike.


What are your favorites where you live? Weigh in and we’ll keep a running list of bike friendly watering holes all around the state.

5 thoughts on “Bike Friendly Watering Holes”

  1. Breakside Brewery, also in the Woodlawn neighborhood, has a rain garden over their bike parking and it is in the street. They have communal picnic tables on the wide sidewalk and they brew some pretty good beers in the basement.

  2. Coalition Brewery’s pub ( just off 28th on SE Ankeny is a must-stop for SE bikesters. Right on the busy Ankeny corridor, and the perfect place to carb-up before you attempt a new record on Strava’s 28th to 32nd run. The sidewalk picnic tables are some of the best.

  3. Ditto Breakside, they brew their own beer, above average service, and great eats. I’ll be sad when the Saison Brown is gone. Their manager Travis just had a bike wedding (53 bikes + 7 pedicabs!). Tell him congrats! CARNIVORE MAC & CHEESE tops (vegi too)

  4. This is a good list. I’m hard-pressed to add to it, but I will. Amnesia; I like being on the patio and there is on-street bike parking. Plus, it’s Mississippi so there are plenty of other stops to be made and people to watch.

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