Bike Love Documentary Update

What would it be like to give up the car and abruptly transition to a car-free lifestyle? We’re following that journey through Kara Minnehan’s Bike Love documentary project. (read our original post here)

The result will be a documentary about Kara’s trials and tribulations. As Kara confronts the struggles, she utilizes humor, and the support of friends and family to overcome the inherent challenges of giving up a car-based lifestyle. The questions remain: will Kara become a confident bike rider? Will Kara remain car free? How long will this project last?

The documentary is slated to show this June in Portland, and a preview version will debut at Filmed by Bike this April.

Bike Love is hosting “Two Wheel Drive” to raise funds for the final phase of production. To learn more about the documentary and find out more about the drive, visit fundraising the website.

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