Bike Scout Scavenger Hunt

You’ve spent all summer being serious on your bike, riding hundos and clocking miles. Way to go.

Now it’s time to get silly on two wheels with the Bike Scout Scavenger Hunt, a ridiculous fun game on two wheels.

Simply getting to the finish line first will not make you the winner. Nor will checking off all the items on your manifest, a to-do list of riddles to solve, challenges to conquer and treasures to find. This unique scavenger hunt requires teamwork and strategy.

PRO TIP: Troop spirit and unity are highly rewarded, so start planning now.

We’ll keep you posted along the way with tips to help you win the coveted Troop Trophy, and the abundant baskets overflowing with prizes (most valued at more than $500).

This awesome event is hosted by Filmed by Bike.


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