Bike Scout Scavenger Hunt

Get your compasses, searching devices, friends, costumes and bike ready – it’s time for a scavenger hunt like no other Portland has ever seen before. You’ll zoom around the city on a challenge to answer riddles, find treasure, document experiences and conquer challenges in hopes of winning the coveted troop trophy.

This free event is open to teams of 3-5 people and costumery is strongly encouraged (there are even two additional points opportunities for the best dressed. Earn additional points by registering early (five points) and making an optional $10 donation to the event (10 points).

The event begins at Hopworks BikeBar and ends at VeloCult with live music and a party.


Teams of 3-5 people
A troop name is required.
Troops should reflect their team name in costumery, attitude and antics. Such endeavors are rewarded with a special scoring category.


Items on the manifest are weighted. You may not complete them all, so it’s up to you to determine which items you tackle.

Upon checking in for the event, troops will be issued a manifest they may review before the course opens. If your troop feels confident in the list or wishes to earn additional points, you may draw from the Challenge Card pile.

Challenge Cards are worth big points, but if you fail to successfully complete the challenge you will be docked the number of points that challenge is worth.

The first troop to arrive to a manifest location should be on the lookout for the Pink Envelope of Love. These envelopes contain opportunities for additional points, with no penalties at all. You must present your pink envelope at the finish line to be awarded the points.


1:30 – Registration opens – hang out and have a beer
2:15 – Registration closes – all teams must be checked in – Manifests are distributed
2:30 – Troops are released
4:00 – Scoring is open (cannot return before this time)
4:45 – Live music
5:00 – Deadline – You are docked a point for every minute you are late. We set the time based on our Timing Master’s cell phone clock.
5:10 – Scoring closes – we will not accept returning teams after this time
5:45 – Awards Ceremony
6:00 – Live music
7:00 – Event ends (but you are welcome to continue hanging out at VeloCult.


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