Mechanic Challenge

Which bike shop has the best bicycle mechanics in the city? Find out at the Bike Mechanic Challenge, a benefit for the Community Cycling Center, a local non-profit at helps people of all income levels access bikes. Mechanics from around the city will compete in a series of fun events in front of a live audience. There will be food carts, beer and a Bike Friday cargo bike raffle.

If you want to see Portland’s best mechanics compete for one night only, head to Velo Cult on June 14th. The event will run from 6:30pm-10pm.

Best part? Cheering and heckling are encouraged! That’s right up our alley. Perhaps some cyclocross cowbells are in order.

Who can participate?

There is space for 10 bike shops to participate. The event is open to any bike shop in the Portland Metro area with a minimum of two competitors. Current participating shops include Bike Gallery, Western Bike Works, Lakeside Bicycles, Block Bikes and spots are going fast, so sign up quickly!

What kind of competitions?

The events were created to test quickness and efficiency, in addition to the ability of mechanics to work both individually and as a team. Some examples of the events that mechanics will compete in:

Change front and rear brake cables: Two mechanics will work on the same road bike – one on the front brake, the other will work on the back (teamwork!). Mechanics will change front and rear cables; a team is finished when the cables are changed, and both wheels spin freely when the handbrake is released.

Handlebar tape change on road bike: One OR two mechanics (team choice) will remove existing tape from the handlebars and replace the tape (including plugs). The judging panel will be looking for clean, smooth tape without any gaps.

Rear tire change on quick-release hub road bike: This event involves one mechanic; the other may advise but may not touch the work or the tools. Mechanics will start with a full tire and tube on a road bike, remove the wheel, deflate the tube, remove the tire and tube from wheel, replace and inflate to 100lbs and replace on the bike. The wheel must spin freely. A punctured tube results in disqualification. There will be a surprise twist to this event.

The final event will be a surprise, and there may be tie-breaking challenge questions that are knowledge-based.

How To Sign Up

If you work at a bike shop and are interested in competing in the Challenge, the first step to signing up is to fill out the this form and mail it in or send to

Event Basics

June 14
$10 to attend
Velo Cult – 969 NE 42nd Ave. in Portland
Food and beer available
MORE INFO >> (Facebook)

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