Biking With Kids

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We know you’re busy and with kids, you’re even busier. It can be hard to stay on your bike as often when you have kids, but bringing the kids along just might help. Sure, you probably won’t clock as many miles (at all), but you’re showcasing to your kids what it means to be a strong rider and you’re setting them up for a lifetime of biking success (so long as you keep it fun!).

There are endless resource out there to help parents figure out how to get started biking with kids, but like with any parenting technique, the key is to find what works best for your family.

Even the most basic safety guidelines aren’t clearly defined since ideas like toting a child around in a bike trailer are relatively new concepts – at least in the US.


You can find info in all sorts of places, but we recommend reading through the tips and advice published through Momentum Magazine and BikePortland. Both of these resources are progressive yet reasonable and feature modern approaches to family riding. In fact, Momentum has an entire section dedicated to families.


What if your daughter suddenly doesn’t want to ride? How do you plan for an all-day adventure? What age is too young for the trailer or bike seat? When do you let them fly solo? Kid-oriented bike events are an excellent go-to source of info. You’ll see families showcasing different approaches and, of course, plenty of opinions on effective techniques.

Pedalpalooza features a plethora of family-oriented events and nearly all of them are free. The hosts are usually bikers well versed in bringing the kids along by bike and they’re sure to have ample tips and advice to pass on to you.

The monthly Kidical Mass Ridesexist largely as a skills swap, so find one near you and get ready to meet other biking families in no time.


Pass on the knowledge. What works for you? Share your ideas below. If you’re new to family biking, make note of even the small tricks that work well for you and share them with other families interested in biking. After all, it really is an on-going adventure and it takes a village to raise the next generation of bikers.

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