#INTERBIKE REPORT: Blackburn’s New Robust Light

For the device-laden biker on the go, USB charged lights are an excellent choice. It’s just as easy to charge your light as it is your phone or tablet, so there’s no excuse for dim lights.

Blackburn is one of the early adopters of USB charged lights, and now they’re taking it a step further with their theft-proof Grind front light. This innovative design features an easy pull-out light module that leaves the mount attached to your frame. Other lights have a detachment option, bit this light has the USB convenience and packs a punch with 200 lumens. They’ll retail for $60 but won’t be available until February.



Other lights from Blackburn



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4 thoughts on “#INTERBIKE REPORT: Blackburn’s New Robust Light”

  1. I am wondering – – how waterproof is this light? I live in Portland so that’s what I think about because one of my lights in the past did not last longer than one season of the rains.

    1. Hi Dylan – We’ve heard it’s well sealed and waterproof, but I didn’t get a chance to talk in detail with the Blackburn reps about this. Blackburn is well established so I would hope they’ve taken this into consideration. I know Knog had this issue with the first generation of their Blinder lights (waterproofing isn’t as much of a consideration for the Australia-based company) but after a year of failure they responsively redesigned their lights and the next generation is solid.

  2. I have a Knog and I like it. It’s bright (with 44 lumens and that seems like plenty). The recharging is simple. Some blackburns rewquire a separate charging piece which is a hassle. Maybe not all of them have that.

  3. I still use an old incandescent dual headlight system called Viewpoint that I bought from Performance Bicycle years ago. It’s powered by a 6v water bottle battery and allows use of various wattage bulbs. I’ve not ever suffered failure of this system due to wetness, though with the advances in LED technology I’ll probably retire this system the next time the battery needs replacing.
    I’m retired and still ride 50-100 miles a week pretty much year-round. I’m a volunteer mechanic for Washco BTC and a BTA member and supporter.

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