POC out of Stockholm, Sweden is on a mission to save bikers’ lives with utilitarian products that are all about safety, and they’re just now launching into the US market.

No, you can’t pick your preferred color. They have studied visibility and created a formula that will keep you safe – and they’re sticking to it.

Their rainproof jacket is made of 10,000 grade waterproof fabric that’s also breathable, lightweight and flexible. It features a pattern of punched holes near the arm pits that POC is confident won’t wear out over time (I’m not so sure about that). And, yes, they only come in neon orange. Like the color or not, you’re sure to be visible out there.

The jacket also features a tiny rear pocket flap that holds personal emergency and medical info embedded into a QR code on a small plastic card. Tiny lettering on the flap says “My Info” but whether or not medical responses would think to look in there, or be able to scan a QR code, remains to be seen. The intention is good, but it’s still a smart move to just pack a wallet until responders are trained to look for alternate sources of that data. Or until it’s simply embedded into our skin. Come on, you know we’re headed in that direction at some point….

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  1. I think you’re right – those holes are not going to last. And that color is really awful. I won’t be buying this jacket, but I am in the market for a new rain jacket. Not sure which one to buy. Suggestions? There are a lot out there these days.

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