National Trails Day

The Sandy Ridge Trail System hit the ground running right out of the gate. As soon as the region was open in 2010, riders flocked to the area to experience close-to-urban mt. biking and adventure. The Oregonian even described it as a”heart-throb of a trail system”. The project has been successful thanks to strong partnerships (BLM, International Mt. Biking Association, NW Trails Alliance) and support from those who ride the area.

In celebration of National Trails Day, the Portland-based mt. bike advocacy organization NW Trails Alliance is hosting a trails fundraiser day to support their trail equipment needs. Whether you’re new to mt. biking or simply interested in getting out for the day, this event is an excellent opportunity to hit the trail.

As a part of the fundraiser, you can swap the hardcore,”earn your turn” philosophy (climbing to the top of the trail) with a plush shuttle service. Has mt. biking been on your list of “to try” bike activities this summer? Do you lament the fact that you didn’t hit the trail much last summer? Yeah, we thought so. Borrow a bike or get that old basement/garage ride tuned up in time to join the fun. NTWA President


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