Clipping in For a Cause

Tony Halford loves everything about the outdoors, especially cycling. “Putting rubber to the road is more than recreation or exercise to me, it is a lifestyle. Cycling, like nothing else in my life, has been a way for me to feel free. I can socialize while meeting like-minded people and simply relax to a point where I can forget all my stresses,” he says. But this year, Tony is pedaling for more than stress relief.

“I have found a new reason to clip in,” he explains. “Up until now, all my cycling has been for me. I’ve enjoyed group rides with friends, the competitions of road races and the velodrome. Now I’m riding the Ride to Defeat ALS to honor and pay tribute to my mom, Judy Halford, a remarkable woman who lived an amazing life and eventually lost her life because of ALS. From the time of her diagnosis, this relentless disease plucked away her abilities, unfairly leaving her paralyzed and choice less to even walk, let alone ride a bicycle.”

Ride to Defeat ALS is a new fundraising ride for the ALS Association (ALSA) of Oregon and SW Washington. ALS, also known as Lou Gehrig’s Disease is a slowly degrading disease. Gradually, a person is robbed of the ability to walk, speak, eat, and eventually breathe. The ALS Association provides guidance and much-needed resources for patients and their families – from ALS and caregiver support groups, to respite care grants and providing equipment almost immediately from their loan closet, the association helps every step of the way.

Ride to Defeat ALS is July 14 and will cruise over the gently rolling hills of Mt. Angel, Oregon on courses of 100, 50 or 25 miles. This well supported ride will be a fantastic event, whether you know someone suffering from ALS or you’re fortunate enough not to.

You can support Tony’s ride through his personal fundraising page or sign up for your own ride today.

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