Clocking Some Miles

Looking to get in some miles without having to navigate a complex route? This Marine Drive/Springwater Trail loop is the perfect way. Bonus points for adding in the Rocky Butte loop for increased elevation.

This is a great “one-last-ride” for those of you prepping for Cycle Oregon.


We call this route “To the Deck” because we can’t resist a stop at The Deck, a floating bar on Marine Drive near 33rd. It’s the perfect point for stopping to have a drink and a snack near the end of the ride. And on a warm day, the views from The Deck are awesome.

Distance: 43 miles
Elevation: Relatively flat one big climb over Rocky Butte, so don’t cut that part out! 1,300 ft of elevation gain.

Roads: Mostly off street paths.

Highlights: Mostly low traffic roads or off-street paths, but the grind through Gresham can be a little cumbersome. We’ve routed you on a local’s favorite back roads, which will require some concentration. There are other ways to get through, but none of them are as pleasant as the path! Downtown Gresham (Main St.) has plenty of good spots to stop if you want a break.

Note: The headwind on Marine Drive can be terrible at times.

Start: North Vancouver at Skidmore, with plenty of places in the area to meet your buddies for a pre-ride coffee.

Head: East on residential side streets.


Click “View full route” for an expanded view where you can zoom in, scroll around and explore the route.

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