Come the Rains, Dry the Gear

Once upon a time you had your rain bags and your normal bags, but those days are long past. These days there is a wealth of bag options that perform as well in the rain as they do on a dry day of running errands.

North St. Bags is well know as having awesome bags that stand the test of torrential downpours and have innovative features, like two models of backpacks that convert to a pannier. They’re 100% waterproof and the company is constantly revising and improving their line. They now also offer smaller handlebar bags and fanny packs.

Showers Pass, experts in waterproof outerwear, offers a small line of smart waterproof bag options. Customers who have truly put these to the test (such as dunking the duffle in a pond) swear by them.

Other solid options include SealLine, Ortlieb and Timbuktu, all of whom have stood the test of time and offer a quality bag at a fair price for its durability and waterproofness.

If you’re satisfied with the bag you currently have but it’s not waterproof enough, you can always purchase a bag cover to give it the extra protection it needs to survive a downpour (many options abound). Then put your favorite waterproof bag on your wish list, be a good little boy or girl, and hope Santa is very generous this year.

PICTURED: The Morrison from North St. Bags, a lightweight backpack that converts to a pannier and is 100% waterproof. Made in Portland.

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