COOL ROUTE: Old West Bikeway

Wintertime – the perfect time to dream about what summer adventures you’ll take on your bike. And boy do we have a spectacular one for you: The Old West Scenic Bikeway.

This cool route was designated a part of the Travel Oregon Scenic Bikeways program in 2012.

About Scenic Bikeways

Scenic Bikeways feature a network of streets that have been determined to be the best route through a scenic rural area. They’re signed and mapped and have just enough amenities along the way, even if those amenities are sparse in some areas.

There are different Scenic Bikeways around the state – you can read more about them on Ride Oregon, Travel Oregon’s subsidiary website for biking.

Meet the Old West Scenic Bikeway

This incredible 174 mile loop is getting a lot of attention these days as a relaxing way to explore the Wild West of Oregon.

The two or three day riding loop includes a few extended climbs, plenty of open wilderness and opportunities to see wildlife right along side the road.

The loop begins in John Day and circles through the tiny towns of Eastern Oregon for a special view of our state.

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