Cycle Oregon: Days 1-4

Cycle Oregon is a bicycle journey that traverses a different region of Oregon every year. This year’s route is a Wild West adventure that began in John Day and heads into the shadow of the Steens Mountain.

The eight day event is extremely well organized and participants are pampered – as much as one can be while camping in the rural landscape.

But today we’re not talking about those event details, we’re reveling in the beauty of the land with some snapshots from the trail. Every day of Cycle Oregon affords incredible views – whether it’s the sweeping open road or the sea of tents set up in the field of Diamond Ranch, where we are today.

If only there were enough hours in the day to capture photos of all the sights that surround us out here, and time to meet all the interesting people (locals and participants from across the globe).

From John Day we pedaled to Burns and then on to the tiny town of Diamond – purportedly a population of five, but we’ve already met more than five very sweet kids today.

This is our second day in Diamond, staying on the Diamond Ranch with a layover to recover, relax and for some people to ride. We’ve watched rope tricks by 13 year olds, been served meals local volunteers, hung out with Future Farmers of America kids, and been ferried across the field in carts driven by the members of the wrestling team. Needless to say, I’m totally charmed.

Check out the photos of the first phase of our journey on our Flickr page here.

Stay tuned for more reports from the trail.


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