Cycle Oregon is Coming!

It’s almost time for Cycle Oregon, that sleep away (and ride) camp where adults get to be kids for days on end. Devices are easily turned off as there’s little to no cell coverage in most areas and riders sink into the landscape as they pedal for endless miles, day after never-enough days.

Cycle Oregon is September 6-13 and the adventure is not yet sold out. While registration was intended to close on Monday, we see that it is still open if you want to try to grab a last minute spot on this incredible ride.

Get ready to climb

This year’s Cycle Oregon is not for the faint of heart; daily elevation gain ranges from 2,700 to 6,700 with plenty of days in the 4,000-6,700 zone. The routes are incredible as you wind your way from The Dalles through the Tygh Valley, Madras and Smith Rocks. You’ll definitely earn those striking views.

Rock Butte Beckons

At this point in the summer, chances are good you’ve logged the miles, but have you logged the climbing? If you’re looking to get out this weekend on one last Cycle Oregon training ride, we’ve got just the ride for you.

This is an à la carte add-on you can combine with any of your other riding. The views are incredible and the loop is manageable enough you can repeat is several times for increased training. We recommend you go for at least three loops.

Rocky Butte Loops

Click “View full route” for a detailed view

Are you riding Cycle Oregon?

Are you riding Cycle Oregon? What are you doing to prepare for the ride?

We’ll be out there! Look for reports and updates from the trail (whenever we have cell coverage, that is!).

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  1. Can’t make it this year beacuase of work but hope to mke it next year! Anyone know the dates or route for 2015?

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