Cycle Oregon Training: Keep it Up

If you’re riding Cycle Oregon or any other distance ride this summer, your training focus for April is all about establishing your riding routine.

Getting started on first exciting training ride us usually not that difficult. Nor is the second one. But the third or further down the line? Those are when life starts to get in the way.

But don’t fret! You’ve totally got this. Let’s plan ahead and you’ll do great. Here are some of our favorite tips for staying on top of your training routine.

1. Buddy up

Friends not only make your rides more entertaining, they provide accountability, and someone to pace with. It doesn’t have to be the same person each time, but set a time and commit.

2. Set a schedule

A longer ride to work on Fridays? Own it! Make that your jam, just do it, and you’ll feel great every time you do. Come up with a realistic schedule you can be successful with.

3. Set goals

Just what are you working toward, anyway? Set weekly and monthly riding goals. Have a clear understanding of the progress you’d like to achieve by ride day. Also note any special riding projects you’d like to work on, such as hill climbs, gravel or simply dialing in your attire. When you know what you’re striving for, it’s much easier to point yourself in the right direction.

4. Reward yourself

Hold that carrot out there with pride! We’re huge fans of #RideToEat. Enjoy a pastry, a beer, burger or other treat after a long day of riding. We’ve only got this one precious life – enjoy it!

5. Stay focused

Life gets in the way so easily, but really, is that email so important? Most things can wait, you can make up the time later. When you’re riding regularly, your mind is sharper and you’re more focused. Your work will be more efficient anyway.

6. Track your progress

It’s rewarding to see what you’ve achieved, and your success will keep you motivated.

How do you stay motivated?

Have you ridden Cycle Oregon or a similar multi-day ride? What do you do to ensure you’re ride ready? Share your tips in the comments below.

We’re running a series of Cycle Oregon Training Tips all season long. Cycle Oregon’s week-long ride is September 12-19 and the weekend ride is July 10-12. Sign up today at

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