Cycle Oregon Training Tips: Comfort

Sometimes we’ve been riding for so many years we’ve just started to ignore those little aches and pains that rub us the wrong way. But eventually, those little pains are big pains in the you-know-what, and they really start to add up.

Many people mistakenly believe that a little pain comes with the game, but that’s not the case. There’s no reason to ache while riding, and if left unaddressed, you could be causing additional damage, especially when riding a multi-day ride like Cycle Oregon. If you’re enduring even the slightest pain when you ride long distances, it’s time for a bike fit.

Go for it!

Some people mistakenly think a bike fit is an unnecessary upsell. It’s not.

If you’re riding in comfort, there’s no need for a bike fit. But if you have any pain at all, a reputable fitter can help you assess your areas of discomfort and make suggestions for adjustment.

What you will adjust

What changes in your riding set up could be as simple as your saddle placement or as involved as getting an entirely new bike. Don’t worry, your body will thank you in the long run no matter what option you choose.

Most bike fitters in the Oregon area are reputable and independent – they’re not going to encourage you to buy a new bike because they’re getting a kick-back from the manufacturer.

Research your fitter

A fitter who is also trained in body movement or physical therapy is going to have a broader knowledge. Look through your fitter’s website and ask questions.

“We are more than just the sum of our parts. I try to look at the complete picture – not only what the body is doing, but also what the client wants to do and how they understand the challenges before them. Using great tools and tests to see as clearly as possible, I share what I see with the client so we can work together to make good choices.” – Expert Bicycle Fitter Michael Sylvester

What does it cost?

Many fitters offer a variety of services that can range in price from $50-$400, depending on the services you employ, such as new bike fitting, shoe and cleat fitting, etc. We don’t recommend selecting your service based on the lowest cost – your body deserves better.

How often do I get fit?

Get a fit analysis any time you are experiencing discomfort on the bike that won’t go away through complimentary body movement, such as yoga, stretching, swimming and physical therapy.

You might buy a new bike and find that it fits you like a glove – that’s ideal. No need for a fit in this case. But after spending a season on that bike, you may notice some quirks you want to look into. This is when a bike fit starts to be a great idea.

Do it now

Summer is officially hot and here. Now is the time to be comfortable on your bike. Our summers are short and sweet – make the most of yours by increasing the physical enjoyment of your ride!

We’re running a series of Cycle Oregon Training Tips all season long. Cycle Oregon’s week-long ride is September 12-19 and the weekend ride is July 10-12. Sign up today at

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