Cycle Oregon Training Tips: Training Matters

If you’re someone who rides regularly throughout the year, you may think you don’t need to train for a multi-day distance ride like Cycle Oregon. But think again. Even a little training will go a long way.

Why train

Your body knows very well how to ride a bike, but it is probably used to hanging out on the couch and sleeping in a comfy bed after a long day of riding. If you’re participating in a multi-day ride, chances are your creature comforts aren’t what they are at home, so your evening rest may not be as restful.

And then there’s tomorrow and the next day

You get up and do it all over again tomorrow. And the next day. With little respite in between. Training builds up your body’s awareness of what it’s like to ride day in and day out and helps strengthen and stretch the corresponding and supporting muscle groups.

What is training

Many people erroneously think that training simply means clocking the miles leading up to your ride, but it’s about so much more than that. A good training routine includes nutrition to fuel your body and complimentary physical activities to strengthen and stretch your body. We suggest stretching, yoga and swimming for gentle movement that does a lot to strengthen a biker’s body. Focus on activities that build core strength and back strength and anything that just feels stretchy and good.

You can’t go wrong with exercises that feel stretchy and good!

Enjoy the ride

If you’re an experienced rider who regularly clocks miles, you could simply hop on your bike and hit the road for days on end and you’ll probably be fine. But if you want to truly enjoy the ride, spend a few days each month prior to your ride getting ride-ready.

At minimum, spend one day a week stretching and take a long ride every other week.

We’re running a series of Cycle Oregon Training Tips all season long. Cycle Oregon’s week-long ride is September 12-19 and the weekend ride is July 10-12. Sign up today at

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