Device Mania: How to Tune Out on a Ride

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In over ever-connected world, it’s tempting to share life’s beauty and victories with others. And on a bike ride, beauty and victory are what it’s all about.

But if you’re constantly on your device, sharing the ride during the ride, where are you, really? Are you here? Or are you in Device Land?

The problem with Device Land is that you’re disconnected from the world around you. So much of why we ride is to sink into the landscape, set aside the cares of the world, to just BE.

If you find yourself eager to post, turn off the phone. If you enjoy taking photos, put your phone in airplane mode.

It can be fun to share the ride during the ride, and it’s possible to do this without letting it take over your day. Start with a plan. Take all the photos you want, but instead of composing those posts continually in your head, let it go. Wait until you’re at the first rest stop, and allow yourself a post. A quick one. Don’t overthink it; this doesn’t need to be a masterpiece.

Then continue on your ride and post once again at the finish line. That once can be more of a masterpiece.

That gap in the middle between posts? That’s where you truly sink in. Let go. Disconnect. Enjoy. Ride.

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