Dress to Ride

The Dress to Ride series by Quick Study profiles the apparel line’s bike-friendly pieces worn by bikers. It’s a lovely, fun series that showcases the diversity of ladies who ride and like to look good.


Here’s a taste of some of the recent profile photos, by Shot by Shola.


“Oddly I didn’t bike in Portland until I had a car. Then I started to see the benefits of riding. I’ve always worked downtown, so it was cheaper than parking and faster than the bus. And it’s really just a pleasant way to get places when the sun is out. I can remember years and years ago, my friends and I would go out dancing to soul night at the Goodfoot. We would pick each other up by bike along the way. Back then I loved wearing thick high heels and I had this tennis skirt that I liked to dance in. So I would wear some sandals to bike in, and hold onto my heels. When we got to the venue I would just lock up my sandals with my bike, throw on my heels and dance the night away.”
– Jennifer

You can view the entire profiles here >>

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