Easy Clean Up on the Trail

This gorgeous fall weather has meant the trails are in prime condition for adventure resplendent with color and the perfect temperature.

But no matter how lovely the day, getting muddy and dirty comes with the territory… and that’s sort of what we like about a day in the woods. Sort of. When it comes to cleaning up for snack time, post-ride beer time or whatever else encourages you to remove the trail from your skin, a wipe is a convenient way to make magic happen.

But what kind of wipes should you use? Most of us don’t want something overly fragrant. And it has to be safe for the environment. We like Combat Wipes, a 100% biodegradable option for staying tidy on the trail. These wipes are good for you, and good for nature. That’s a match made in trail heaven.

Better still, these wipes come in the perfect size package that makes them easy to pack, and not only when you’re on the trail. If you’re a bike commuter, these wipes make it a snap to do a quick post-ride clean up before heading to a meeting. Handy both on a hot day with a sweaty brow, or rainy days with road grit face spray.

We tested these out on finicky kids who usually have to be pried away from splashing in puddles and climbing in trees in order to wipe down their hands and faces, but the easy-to-use package makes it simple to quickly pull out a wipe, knock off the fuss, and send your little ones on their way.

Combat wipes can tackle oily, sticky messes as well as standard dirt and grime, making them a must-pack item for your next adventure.


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